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      Hanukkah Sweaters and Vests for Men and Women

      Looking for a funny Hanukkah sweater, shirt, or even matching pajamas for this season? We've found a huge selection of Hanukkah clothes decorated with crafty menorahs and dreidels. Festive and ridiculous – these Hanukkah outfits are sure to bring some fun to your party. Fun for just wearing around town too. Grab a great Hanukkah outfit for this years holiday season.

      Tipsy Elves Hanukkah Sweaters

      Tipsy Elves has matching Hanukkah sweaters for men and women. There's a blue pullover with a bespectacled rabbi saying Challah!  Who doesn't love a Jewish unicorn with a rainbow? Find your style. There's even an understated silver garland star that is perfect for the season!

      Blizzard Bay Hanukkah Sweaters

      OY! Blizzard Bay has some fab Hanukkah sweaters this season! Ever since Llama's became associated with the holidays (when did that happen?) they're all over holiday sweaters. And since Llamakah rhymes with Hanukkah, it's perfect. Now there's a Lamakah Oh LLamakah Hanukkah sweater.  Another thing that seems to have become a thing is a dance party with Santa and the rabbi. Ho Ho Ho Oy Oy Oy. So great.

      Hanukkah Shirts and Suits

      Looking for an option for Hanukkah that's not a sweater? How about a funny Hanukkah Tshirt or even a festive suit?

      Digitally printed Hanukkah shirts from Faux Real

      Faux Real has some super long sleeve Hanukkah themed shirts that are comfortable AND lightweight. A great option to a sweater when you are in a warm climate or just want something less then a knit.

      There's a two-sided one that is a take off on the Harry Chapinn song Cats in the Cradle. It says Cats and the Dreidel, and has a load of cats spinning around. The back has more cats and the Star of David. Hysterical.

      Baby clothes for Hanukkah

      Don't leave Baby left out for Hanukkah! Find a onesie or two piece outfit for the holidays!

      Hanukkah Pajamas

      Gather the whole family around the fire or breakfast table this year in matching Hanukkah pajamas. From baby to adult - there's something for everyone. Or get mom a Hanukkah Robe for a gift this season. Something unique! 

      A brief history of Hanukkah sweaters

      When Christmas sweaters had their resurgence in the mid 2000's, Hanukkah sweaters weren't even on the radar. Christmas sweaters were back in some sort of style because college kids wanted to wear them to ugly Christmas sweater parties. When Anne Marie Blackman started selling her upcycled crafty Christmas sweaters in 2008 she only offered sweaters with the Christmas theme. But in 2009 she found a felt Hanukkah menorah flag decoration and thought it would look great on a sweater. The Hanukkah sweater was born. Anne Marie put in a bulk order with Oriental Trading for cases of felt menorah flags. They were colorful and just the right amount of tacky.  Remember those pottery Christmas trees from the 70's with the little lights that glow? Well, Anne Marie bought a zillion of those those little lights and they were perfect to glue onto the menorah candles. Anne Marie make those candles REALLY light up on some sweaters by adding battery powered lights to some Hanukkah sweaters. No one else had anything like it! There weren't any other Hanukkah themed sweaters on the market and Anne Marie's sweater on sold out quick. 

      In 2009, Anne Marie was a guest on The View where she put on an Ugly Christmas Sweater fashion show. One of her Hanukkah sweaters was featured and demand went off the charts.  She got custom requests for Hanukkah sweaters from television shows, celebs, and even rabbis.

      It took a couple years, but other companies started manufacturing a whole assortment of Hanukkah themed sweaters, dresses and suits.

      Want to see examples of the old school crafty Hanukkah sweaters? See them here.

      See the old-school Hanukkah sweaters sold on MyUglyChristmasSweater

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