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Two Person Christmas Sweater is Double the Fun

Two Person Christmas Sweaters

Have double the fun this holiday season in a two person (two headed!) Christmas sweater. These roomy knits are loads of fun to wear to bar crawls, house parties or to give as a couples' gift. Grab a close friend and share a sweater for the night. Super fun to wear. You'll each have one arm in a sleeve, while sharing the body of the sweater.

Naughty or Nice Two Person Christmas Sweater

Opposites attract in this Naughty or Nice Christmas two headed Christmas sweater from Tipsy Elves. It's a quality made knit sweater that's a great size for most guys and gals to wear together. Colorful and festive red and green pullover made for two people to wear. Find it here.


Other choices for two-headed Christmas sweaters include a red and white pullover style that says Believe in the Magic. There's also fun elf style sweater that has a red and a green elf holding hands. And there's a cute double snowman sweater with 3D scarfs.




Cardigans for two are a fun way to share the holidays with your love or your bff. If you've got a big guy in your twosome, then we'd recommend the Tipsy Elves' Naughty or Nice 2-person sweater because it's got a good length as well as width. Wear these sweaters with jeans, tights or even shorts. Enjoy the party with your party partner by your side!



You can find a good selection of two person Christmas sweaters here.