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Video Game Themed Christmas Sweaters

Video Themed Christmas Sweaters Popular with Gamers this Year

Halo, PlayStation, Atari, Fallout, Skyrim, Sonic

If there's a video gamer on your Christmas list then they'll be needing one of these holiday sweaters to wear while playing their game for hours and hours and hours.

Skyrim Christmas sweater

Skyrim, also known as the Old Kingdom or the Fatherland, was the first region of Tamriel settled by humans from the continent of Atmora: the hardy, brave, warlike Nords, whose descendants still occupy this rugged land. Got that? Well, somewhere along the way dragons came into the picture. And so it is told: The Dragon Crisis was a series of events that occurred long ago, when Alduin, the Nordic god of destruction, returned to Tamriel. He, along with the many dragons that he resurrected, caused destruction and chaos throughout Skyrim which was already in bad shape due to their civil war.

So with that sweet story, what better choice for a holiday sweater then a Nordic designed knit with Skryim Dragons decorating the front and sleeves?



Atari Christmas Sweater

The original Atari, Inc. was founded in 1972 and was a pioneer in arcade games, home video game consoles, and home computers. The company's products, like Pong and the Atari 2600, helped define the electronic entertainment industry from the 1970s to the mid-1980s. If you've got your Atari console sitting pretty in the original box then hold on tight - that's baby's worth something! But it you don't have the real thing, then this Atari Christmas sweater will make you feel all warm and cozy with Pong memories.



Fallout Christmas Sweater

No doubt you're looking for a sweet decoration on your Christmas sweater this year. Well what about something based on the Fallout video games? Sure, they're known to be a series of post-apocalypic role-playing video games. The game design is a combination of hope for the promises of technology and the lurking fear of nuclear annihilation.

Not super Christmasy sounding. least there's Vault Boy. And Vault Boy in a Santa hat sure is holiday-ish looking. These sweaters also have reindeer and snowflakes and will make any Fallout fan pretty happy.


Halo Christmas Sweater

It's hard to put a Christmas spin on the Halo series of video games, but what the heck. Here's a holiday sweater all day long.

The Halo video series sold over 68 million copies and the story-line centers on an interstellar war between humanity and a theocratic alliance of aliens known as the Covenant. The Covenant, led by their religious leaders called the  Prophets worship an ancient civilization known as the Forerunners,  who perished in combat with the  parasitic flood. 

Doesn't really sound too holiday-like. BUT,  check out this sweater. Mr. Halo is saying WAKE ME UP WHEN NEED PRESENTS. Like Christmas morning. Adorable.


PlayStation Christmas Sweater

Playstation game consoles were the first video game console to ship 100 million units. Yes-er-y, that's loads of playstation fans. There's a selection of PlayStation Christmas sweaters to choose from, including a choice of pink or blue for the X's and O's version. The grey nordic sweater as the PS PlayStation abbreviation on center chest, between two leaping reindeer.




Sonic Christmas Sweaters

Sonic the hedgehog is front and center on these two Sonic Christmas sweaters.

In the Sonic game for Sega Genesis, in an attempt to steal the six Chaos Emeralds and harness their power, the game's antagonist, Dr Ivo Robotnic has trapped the animal inhabitants of South Island in aggressive robots and stationary metal capsules. The player controls Sonic, who aims to halt Robotnik's plans by freeing his animal friends and collecting the emeralds himself.

That's the Christmas spirit! Sonic's a spunky little hedgehog and he sure looks swell on a Christmas sweater.