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      Star Wars Christmas Sweaters

      Star Wars Christmas Sweaters for Men, Women and Children

      This holiday season you can wear a festive Star Wars holiday sweater featuring Darth Vader,Yoda,  R2D2, C3PO, X-wings and Tie Fighters, Death Star Saber Showdown, Mandalorian Bounty Hunters, Kylo Ren, BB-8, AT-AT vehicles, and even Boba Fett. 

      Sure, Darth Vader isn't exactly thought of as a warm and fuzzy guy, but put his mug on a Christmas sweater and watch what happens.  This black holiday sweater features Darth Vader front and center surrounded by pairs of kissing candy canes.  There's kelly green accent on the cuffs, collar and hem. It's a crew neck style with a Nordic snowflake pattern all over. Darth has never looked so happy.

      Mix it up this year and wear a suit!

      Dress it up this season with this Star Wars inspired Christmas suit from Opposuits.  Red, black, green and white suit that includes the pants, jacket and matching tie. Perfect for an office Christmas party, date night or bar crawl. Wear the suit jacket with jeans too! Or pair the pants with a Tshirt. You'll want to wear this suit all season long!

      Walker AT-AT and Storm Trooper Sweaters

      Looks like the Old Republic is in the Christmas spirit this year with their Walker AT-AT in a winter wonderland. This brilliant blue crew neck Christmas sweater has two starfighters zipping around in a snowflake filled sky. The Walker looks like a mechanical snowman, walking around the snowy hills of a galaxy far far away.  There's even a little green Christmas tree in the scene.

      Three storm troopers have their Christmas song books opened and are caroling around the galaxy on another fun  holiday pullover.  They're wearing their church-white Storm Trooper uniforms with jolly red Santa hats.  Their caroling songbooks are bright red too. The trio of Storm Troopers have a bouquet of red and green poinsettias at their feet. The sleeves have a faux Nordic pattern with snowflakes and the repeating words STAR WARS throughout.  This pullover is hysterical and would be fun to own or would make a out-of-this galaxy gift.

      Old school Star Wars fans will love these Yoda themed sweaters and sweatshirts. This nordic style crew neck with a lime green Yoda wearing a red Santa suit has a retro vibe. Yoda's holding a candy cane walking stick and wearing a red robe and a floppy Santa hat. The sleeves are decorated in a Nordic themed criss cross pattern and the cuff, collar and hem have red accents.  Numskull makes some super cool sweaters like this navy blue snow-dot pullover that says "The Season To Be Jolly It Is".

      If you're a Star Wars fan and you're going to a Christmas sweater themed party this year you're in luck. And their not just for parties. Wear them to work or school, shopping or just hanging out. These Star Wars themed sweaters, sweatshirts or Tshirts have snowflakes, nordic patterns, and winter themes, and they showcase your favorite characters. What could make the season merrier then having your family all in Star Wars sweaters for

      your annual holiday greeting card?

      Star Wars Sweaters up to Size 3XL

      Unique Star Wars Christmas sweaters from Numskull will brighten up anyone's holiday season! The navy blue sweater has snowflake dot patterned backdrop and a green yoda wearing a Santa had that is saying THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY IT IS.  The red nordic sweater is decorated with dark warrior Kylo Ren wielding his lightsaber in battle. BB-8 is on the maroon sweater which says MAY THE CHEER BB-8 WITH YOU.  And the snowy sky blue sweater depicts AT-AT vehicles in a winter wonderland. These sweaters come in sizes XS-3XL.