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      Funny Womens and Mens Naughty Christmas Sweaters

      naughty christmas sweaters

      Naughty Christmas sweaters for men and women

      They're fun to wear and will keep your friends and co-workers laughing. Randy reindeer, hot sexy guys in Santa suits, and funny Christmas sweaters with 3D embellishments that jiggle and bounce in just the right spots. Fun sweaters and vests for men and women to wear to ugly Christmas sweater parties and contests.

      Naughty Santa Sweaters

      Wow. Want to be noticed this year? Wear this gem - a Naughty Santa-by-the-fire sweater. Santa is in the buff with a wrapped present strategically placed to hide his naughty bits. He's lying by a cozy fireplace that has a sign above it that says ONE NIGHT ONLY.  It's tough to decide what's the best thing about this sweater: the hysterically funny design or the amazing BLINKING LIGHTS! That's right folks, it's a LIGHT-UP sweater. Gotta get one or give one. Definitely a very funny gift idea.

      Tipsy Elves has another Naughty Santa sweater.

      Funny Gag Gift for Stocking Stuffer

      Don't let your hooters get cold this season. These little Santa hats will keep your hooters cozy warm and festive. Spice up someone's stocking with this funny gag gift!

      Tipsy Elves Naughty Christmas Sweaters

      Try on one of these naughty Christmas sweaters from Tipsy Elves.  Super funny and come in sizes up to mens 2XL,

      Naughty snowman sweaters from Tipsy Elves come in several varieties - each one more funny then the other. There's Peak-a-boo Snowman, the Nose Thief, or Trail Nightmare designs. Choose from one of these, or take a look at their other off the wall designs.

      Funny tshirts and sweatshirts that are letting you know that Santa sees you when you're drinking. He does. Women's and men's styles and sizes. Short sleeves, long sleeved and even off the shoulder sexy style.

      Humping Reindeer Sweaters

      Nordic style reindeer sweaters have been around since the 40s and are a classic holiday choice. But these humping reindeer sweaters are a naughty variation. And there's socks too!

      How did Christams sweaters get so naughty?

      Good news for the purists: ALL Christmas sweaters are not naughty. There are still a zillion options for adorable festive knits with a smiling snowman or snowflakes or flying reindeer. Traditionally cute Christmas sweaters still own the night. But then ugly Christmas sweater parties became popular in the mid 2000's, party revelers were looking for something to wear that would win them a prize for most-ugly or funniest. They wanted something over-the-top to wear that had a 'WOW" factor. created funny Christmas sweaters since 2008, and came out with a naughty Bouncing Boobie sweater that was so popular it was featured on The Ellen Show.

      A company called Skedouche (now rebranded as Festified) produced a naughty reindeer sweater that was a play on the traditional nordic sweaters that were popular since the 1940's. At first glance, Skedouche's pullover looked traditional, but look closer and you'd see that the reindeer where actually humping each other. Game on. Everyone wanted one, and every company wanted to make one.

      Tipsy Elves produces a plethora of naughty Christmas sweaters each season. They were the originator of the often-copied Christmas sweater titled Yellow Snow that depicts Santa peeing in the snow (spelling MERRY CHRISTMAS). They've also got super designs implying there's something naughty going on between Santa and Mom.
      And their Stocking sweater will hold your bottle of wine or Schnapps - your call!

      So 'naughty' is in the eyes of the beholder with most of these sweaters. Some are more funny then naughty, where some are clearly very R rated. Want a super-shock-factor sweater? Less is definitely more in the shock-factor department with these knit nipple covers. OMG. Hysterical. Daring. Definitely Naughty!

      Find Snow Globe Nipple Cover Christmas Sweaters here (on Amazon)