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      Funny Christmas Sweater Ideas

      Get yourself a funny Christmas sweater this year for all your holiday festivities. It's not all about snowflakes and snowmen anymore. Laugh your way around the office party or bar crawl wearing one of these non-traditional favorites. Scroll down for plus sized Christmas sweater options from Festified that come in sizes up to 5XL. 

      Funny Christmas Sweaters from Tipsy Elves

      Tipsy Elves has loads of Christmas sweater designs for men and women that include 3D designs that have bows, garland, ornaments, and pom poms.  Grab a beer pong Christmas sweater (or two) and you'll be front and center for all the Christmas games.  Tipsy Elves You Miss You Drink Christmas sweater has a velcro target and velcro balls. Wear either to this year's bar crawl!

      Funny Light Up Christmas Sweaters and Hats

      Light-up Christmas (and Hanukkah) sweaters have real working lights that blink multi-colored lights.  Shine bright wearing one of these knits with funny designs like naked Santa by the fireplace, Let It Glow reindeer, Santa on the beach, Rasta Santa and so many more. Pair one of these sweaters with a light-up hat. Perfect for that walk around town on Christmas Eve!

      Funny Printed Christmas Sweaters

      These printed Christmas shirts are great to wear and also perfect for a secret Santa or White Elephant gift. Hysterically funny and outrageous designs that will be the hit of the party. Designs like Santa cats, Trex's, and sloths. Naked hairy guy with body ornaments who's hugging himself.

      Funny Christmas Sweaters from Ugly Christmas Sweater Co.

      Grab some funny Christmas sweaters from Ugly Christmas Sweater Co. like these Santa sweaters. They have these and so much more - so take a look. There's NASA Santa, Patriotic Santa, Santa golfing, playing hockey, riding a motorcycle and drinking a beer.

      Jesus Christmas Sweaters

      It should be no surprise that Jesus themed sweaters are pretty popular at Christmas time. What is surprising is that they can be so funny too!  Celebrating the Birthday Boy is the reason for the season after all!

      Funny Naughty Christmas Sweaters

      Are you looking for a funny Christmas sweater for a gift or yourself that's more of a naughty theme? Like a sweater with Randy Reindeer or a Naked Santa? If so, take a look at our Naughty Christmas Sweater collection for some funny sweaters ideas that are sure to be conversation starters! See more naughty Christmas sweaters.

      Funny Christmas Sweaters from Alex Stevens

      Alex Stevens' sweaters are ridiculously fun - with sloths, bikini apes, and puking reindeer.  They are silly, festive and a great choice for parties or just to walk around town. One may not be enough.

      Hairy Man Christmas Sweatshirt

      If you're looking for a laugh-a-minute kind of sweatshirt this year, then check out this faux hairy guy holiday sweatshirt from Beloved Shirts. It's printed with a sublimation dye method with basically means its awesome.


      Were Christmas sweaters always funny?

      Christmas sweaters were never meant to be taken too seriously, but they weren't considered funny when they were hot fashion statements in the 1980s. So when did the shift occur? Why are so many people looking for a funny holiday sweater to wear for the season? It's all to do with ugly Christmas sweater parties and the contests that accompany the events.

      In the 1980's, colorful sweaters with busy festive scenes came on the market. Several sweater designers owned the market and their sweaters were regarded as fashion statements. Michael Simon produced high end Christmas sweaters that were only sold in the best stores in NYC, like Bergdorf Goodman's and Barney's. Crazy! Simon's sweaters were (and still are!) super high quality knits with vibrant yarns that are accented with hand beaded designs. Another fab designer of the 80s was Berek, and if you can find a Berek Christmas sweater now you're in for a treat. They're packed with bold colorful designs. These sweaters were such great quality that many are still in great shape today, 30-40 years later.

      But those sweaters weren't considered funny in the 80s. They were fashion! But in the late 90's, moms and grandmas pretty much put their Christmas sweaters into the closet as holiday-wear moved away from the loud knits. It wasn't until around 2005 that some college kids decided to have a themed Christmas party and asked their friends to all wear an "ugly" Christmas sweater. And they told their guests that person wearing the ugliest sweater would win a prize. Those poor sweaters went from 'out of style' to 'ugly' with one invitation's wording. A fad was born. And those loud 80s sweaters were considered both ugly and funny by a new generation of holiday revelers. Those kids thought the crazy designs from the 80s were super funny. The more busy the sweater, the uglier (and funnier) they thought it was.

      Ugly Christmas sweater parties took off and quickly evolved to be the go-to theme for holiday events. Ugly Christmas sweater contests because mainstream and funny Christmas sweaters were winning the party contests. When it comes to Christmas sweaters nowadays, the funnier the better is the way to go.

      What makes a sweater funny? Funny Christmas sweaters come in two categories: Funny sayings or off-color holiday themes, or over the top crafty 3D light-up sweaters that are super embellished to be ridiculously funny. Whatever your choice - get a funny Christmas sweater and yuck it up this season.