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      Christmas Sweater Ideas

      DIY Christmas Sweater Ideas

      Here are hundreds of ugly Christmas sweater pictures that show the best DIY Christmas sweater and dresses that we've created over the years.

      My Ugly Christmas Sweater's sweaters are some of the most outrageous contest winning creations that ever hit the market.   We've brought back a collection of the best of the best for you to see to get ideas on how to create your own holiday winner.  Check out these gems from years gone by below. They may be sold out, but you can check them out and get some great ideas on how to create your own holiday sweater.

      See our DIY Christmas sweaters

      Pictures for see to get Christmas Sweater Ideas

      We've made so many amazing Christmas sweaters and dresses over the years that you don't have to spend time thinking up new things to do.  Just scroll through our seriously funny sweaters to get ideas. Use the arrows to go to the next page. If you want to see more detail on an item and see a more detailed photo, just click on the image.

      See our 3D DIY Christmas sweaters to get ideas!

      Look at our DIY dresses to get ideas!

      Christmas Sweater Dresses

      Do you want to see HUNDREDS of DIY Christmas sweater dresses? Check out our Christmas sweater dress collection for pictures of our best holiday dresses. Get some great DIY Christmas dress ideas!

      See our DIY Christmas Dresses!