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Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Northside Christian Church in New Albany Indiana 2017

The Northside Christian Church in New Albany, IN announces their 2017 Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

Northside Christian Church in New Albany, IN has set the date December 13, 2017 for their Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.  Beg, borrow, buy, or make an ugly Christmas sweater for the event because your admission depends on it!

You must show up wearing something ugly and Christmas Sweatery! 

Who is Invited:  This is not a public event. This party is for the areas college age young adults. It's an opportunity for young adults who are connected in Northside's college age ministry The Return to come and bring their friends, or for students who have been away and are coming home for Christmas, and other college age young adults in the community.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

There will be prizes for the best of the best in the following categories: 

  • Home-made Uglies
  • Store-bought Uglies
  • Family-borrowed Uglies

From those three categories, the Grand Master Of All Uglies will be awarded. 


Refreshments: There will be a fountain flowing deep and wide of chocolate. Ok, that sounds like reason enough to go. 

But there's more! There's going to be music by special guests.  Got any guesses who that will be? Based on past events you know it will be entertaining! 

Wondering about PRIZES? No worries, there will be plenty of gifts, prizes and other surprises too.

Where and When:
Location: 6989 County Line Road, New Albany, IN 47150

Contact: Ben Woods bwoods at 

For event information click here.

Interested in finding out more about the Northside Christian College Age Ministry? Check out their info below, and text them to get involved.


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