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Stranger Things Christmas Sweater

Stranger Things Christmas Sweater and Gift Ideas

Hot seller for fans of the hit Netflix series.

If you love Stranger Things then you'll want a Stranger Things Christmas sweater or sweatshirt this holiday season. Season 2 was released October 2017 and fans are binge watching the long awaited sequel to season 1.  Invitations for this season's ugly Christmas sweater parties will be coming soon and a Stranger Things themed sweater is just the thing to wear.

Stranger Things Christmas Sweatshirts and Tshirts

You can get a Stranger Things Christmas sweatshirt or tshirt to wear for your bar crawl this year. That alphabet wall was just asking to be make into a Christmas sweater, and it didn't take long for fans to look for holiday themed sweaters to wear to parties.





Barb and Eleven Christmas Sweatshirts from Beloved Shirts (from Shark Tank)

When Beloved Shirts was on Shark Tank in 2016 they showed off their awesome sublimation printed clothing like their pizza onesie jumpsuit that Katie Perry so famously wore, and pickle shirts, socks, and backback.   Now they've come out with incredible Stranger Things inspired Christmas sweatshirts. The Eleven sweatshirt featured Eleven wearing a festive pink dress with a fierce look in her eyes. She's surrounded with Eggo waffles all over the sweatshirt and sleeves. Barb's sweatshirt has her holding a book that's titled HOW TO BEAT A DEMOGORGON.



There's a large selection of Stranger Things Christmas shirts and sweatshirts available for purchase in a full range of sizes. Nordic themes and snowflake accents make the upside down world look kind of cheery for the holidays.




Looking for a gift for a fan of the upside down world?

Stranger Things Christmas Socks

Keep your feet cozy this winter in some Stranger Things socks. They're brown with red trim and wrapped in an alphabet Christmas light pattern.



Stranger Things POP! Figures

Collect all the Stranger Things POP figures including Eleven, Will, Mike, Dustin, Joyce, Max, Jonathan, Hopper, Nancy, Barb and more.  Eleven is holding and Eggo and Hopper is holding a donut. Mike's figure is holding a walkie talkie.


Stranger Things Poster

For home or office - this poster will be a hit.


Hawkins Middle School Sweatshirt

The perfect Stranger Things fan gift - a sweatshirt from Hawkins Middle School AV Department.


Stranger Things Season 1 Blu-Ray

Season 1 collectors edition DVD Blu-ray boxed set. Exclusive VHS Box style packaging.


Stranger Things Monopoly Game

This Stranger Things Monopoly game plays like the original, but with a few changes. The tokens have an 80s theme as well as tokens from the Upside Down.  The Community Chest and Chance cards have been replaced with Walkie-Talkie and Blinking Lights Cards.  And houses and hotels have been replaced with forts and hideouts.

  • Monopoly game with a Stranger Things theme
  • Features 80s-inspired tokens and tokens "ripped from the Upside Down"
  • Walkie-Talkie and Blinking Lights cards as Community Chest and Chance cards
  • Features forts and hideouts instead of houses and hotels



    Netflix Stranger Things Holiday News

    Netflix expects to release loads of Stranger Things themed items in time for the holidays, and their red Stranger Things sweater (available at Target) should prove to be the most sought after item.  Netflix CEO  wore one for the companies q3 earnings webcast.  You know something's a hit when the CEO's start wearing themed ugly Christmas sweaters at board meetings. 


     DIY Stranger Things Christmas Sweater

    From wall decoration to Christmas sweater, this theme is a ugly Christmas sweater party contest winner for sure! Put a DIY sweater together with some battery powered lights and you'll be a sure contender for the most creative Christmas sweater trophy this season. To make your own, grab a white tshirt or sweatshirt and a sharpie marker.  Write a sloppy alphabet on your shirt front. Wrap a set of battery powered lights around yourself. Done.


    above: Stranger Things cast via Netflix, in front of the inspirational alphabet wall.


    above: DIY Light-up Stranger Things Christmas Sweater
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    If you're not so crafty and DIY isn't your thing, you can find a slew of sweatshirt and tshirt options for a Stranger Things Christmas. These Stranger Things themed shirts come in mens and womens styles and sizes.