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Finding a Big and Tall 4XL, 5XL, 6XL or Larger Christmas Sweater - Here's the Answer!

Looking for a 5XL, 6XL or larger Big and Tall Christmas sweater?

They're hard to find. We've found a company where you can find Christmas Hawaiian style festive shirts up to 8XL! No kidding. It's so great. The button down shirts are fun holiday patterns and are short sleeved for your comfort.

These four festive Christmas themed shirts all come in sizes small to 8XL! Including 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, and 8x.  Check them all out here.



Christmas Shirts up to 6XL

King Kameha has a huge selection of short sleeved holiday shirts that run all the way up to 6XL. Check out the mens styles here.   If you're looking to find matching mens and womens shirts that's great! Find the womens styles up to 6XL here.



Women's plus sizes up to 6XL! Find them here.


If you want another alternative for a plus size person for a Christmas sweater themed party we've got the answer and it's pretty easy.  One word: Poncho! Before you dismiss it, check out the plus size Christmas sweater ponchos we've decorated and sold over the years here at My Ugly Christmas Sweater.  You can find a knit style poncho at second hand stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army, or eBay or even TJ-Maxx.

But for a quick purchase, grab a Christmas poncho from Amazon, then wear it as-is, or decorate using some of the ideas below. Don't let the female models fool you - these ponchos are unisex for sure. And as long as the neck opening fits over your head it's a fit! One size fits all is a winner with a poncho. The photo may show women, but these ponchos are for men too! For a holiday party - they're great!




Big and Tall Christmas Sweater Poncho - Decorated for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

This DIY plus size poncho has been embellished with a ridiculous amount of tacky trimmings and is pretty much a guarantee for a ugly Christmas sweater contest prize.

This amazing *winning* poncho was found at a Goodwill store for under $10 and is a women's wool poncho that has several toggle style buttons at the neckline and completely open sides. It fits absolutely everyone from tiny to 5xl, 6xl, 7xl and up! 

The poncho was decorated by sewing fringe along the top, middle and all around the edges. Four holiday teddy bears were also found at a thrift shop in the Christmas decorations area and were sewn on the front. Actual Christmas tree ornaments are dangling from the poncho and are accented with fake gems from Joann fabrics craft area.



A contest-winning touch to this poncho is the real working lights. The battery operated lights come in a 10-light string and work on two AA batteries. (The battery back is hidden inside the poncho).  You can find these kind of lights at stores like Home Depot or Walmart. To made a DIY version that is easy, grab a set of these Christmas sweater lights from Amazon and attached them individually to the poncho.

An easier to decorate Nordic style ugly Christmas sweater poncho is below. It's a knit style with a cowl neck that is easy to get on and off.


The above nordic themed knit poncho was found in TJ-Maxx womens clearance section for only $12 and was decorated with ornaments, fringe and pom poms.  Even though this ponch was designated a womens item, it fits a 5xl,6xl or larger mens size no problem. 

The sides are completely open, so it's a great fit. You can either glue gun and sew decorations on the poncho, or just use safety pins. If you're not crafty and are using safety pins, just attached them from the underside. 

Using safety pins for ugly Christmas sweater decorations is perfectly acceptable! Tacky is a winner here. Even the fringe can be attached with safety pins.

Vintage Poncho - A Plus Size Christmas Sweater Alternative

This reindeer themed poncho is a vintage woolen poncho found at a thrift store. It was ready to go right out of the store and required zero DIY ability. The wide neckline and open sides make it a simple on-off, and it's roomy for all sizes. 




The beautiful thing about ponchos is that they are super duper one-size-fits-all.  Once you get it over your head it's on, and comfortable too.  You can wear whatever you want under it. If you have a red tshirt, then great. But otherwise a black one will do just fine.

If you're a size 6X and up (or if you just want to be super comfortable) then a Christmas themed poncho is a great alternative to a sweater. 

If you're a big and tall size 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, or 5XL, then you can find a plus size Christmas sweater in lots of styles here.