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Donating Ugly Christams Sweaters to Military Serving Overseas

My Ugly Christmas Sweater donated hundreds of Christmas sweaters to U.S. troops in Sweaters4Troops campaign.

From 2009 - 2015 My Ugly Christmas Sweater, Inc. donated over 1000 Christmas sweaters to our U.S. troop serving away from home.  We thank them for their service and hope our sweaters made their holidays a bit brighter during a difficult time away from family and friends at home.


christmas sweater donations to military from my ugly christmas sweater

Some history:  

In 2009 My Ugly Christmas Sweater was new small business on eBay and received an inquiry from a servicewoman serving in on a base in the middle east.  She was ordering three sweaters and we worked her to get the sweaters shipped a.s.a.p. so they would get to her base in time for the holiday. We included an additional box of Wacky Santa Sweaters in the shipment, along with a box of funny antlers.  We received some fantastic photos back from this group of service people, along with a beautiful note of thanks.

We've shipped to troops stationed all over the world, and our thought is that any service people away from home could use a bit of levity around the holidays when they may be missing their families back home. We've received requests from anywhere from 10 to 300 sweaters in a shipment, and sent them to bases and air craft carriers.  

We found it extra touching in 2012 when we sent sweaters and a case of antlers to a service person serving on a carrier in the South China Sea. In the spirit of giving, the soldier gave away many of the antlers to children in Japan, and expressed his appreciation for the gift from us, and his joy in giving to others.

We're always thrilled to get a photo when possible, but if not then it's great just to know the sweaters were enjoyed.


2015 Holiday Campaign: #sweaters4troops

2015 CAMPAIGN: We've donated over 300 sweaters in 2015 to troops overseas.

 2014 CAMPAIGN:: We donated over 500 sweaters to troops serving overseas during the 2014 holiday season. Thank you to all our troops for their service. Have a blessed and save holiday season.


We're thankful that we're able to make the holidays a bit brighter for our service people away from home during the holidays.

Patriotic Snowman sweater from My Ugly Christmas Sweater (below)

MyUglyChristmasSweater® donated
sweaters and a case of hat-antlers to a unit
stationed in Iraq.  

ugly christmas sweater military in wacky santa sweaters

ugly christmas sweater matching sweaters military group

MyUglyChrismasSweater® donated
sweaters to a unit stationed in the
Mid Atlantic.

matching tacky christmas sweater


matching ugly christmas sweaters


MyUglyChristmasSweater® donated
sweaters and hat-antlers to a unit
stationed outside of Kabul, Afghanistan.

thank you letter from military for christmas sweater donation

Tacky holiday sweaters went
to troops in Afghanistan for the 2012

ugly christma sweaters for military


A case of Santa hats and antlers went to
the service men and women on the USS
George Washington, based in Japan

They wrote: "I got all the hats and
Antlers and we wore them handing
them out to children in Japan!....Thanks

We shipped 150 ugly Christmas sweaters and 40 tshirts to two groups of U.S. service men and women serving overseas in SW Asia. 


In 2013, we donated 150 ugly Christmas sweaters to USA military service people serving overseas who wore them on base for a 5K holiday race.

(photo (c)jpama used with permission)

In 2014 we sent over 500 sweater to military overseas, with one group receiving 300. 

shipping christmas sweater donations to military overseas

2015 marked the 7th year that we donated sweaters to the military serving overseas.