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Dilly Dilly Christmas Sweaters are the Most Sought After Christmas Gift for 2018

Have a Dilly Dilly Christmas this year!

Dilly Dilly Christmas Sweaters Popularity Soars Ahead of Black Friday

What's one the most popular Christmas sweater this year? No, it's not Santa flying on a unicorn (although that's a good one!). The Dilly Dilly Christmas sweaters and shirts were the break-out trend for 2018 and they are still hot items. Bud Light hit a home run with their Dilly Dilly campaign, and the momentum keeps building for products with the popular phrase.


Mr. Patricio notes in the February 2018 Business Insider interview that one of the proofs of success, nowadays, from a cultural standpoint, is when you go to Amazon and you don't do anything, there are people already selling t-shirts. He notes that soon after the ad was released he went on Amazon. There were like ten different types of "Dilly Dilly" t-shirts. I said "Yes! That's it!"