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Season Up your Beard for the Holidays with Beard Christmas Ornaments and Glitter

Beard Christmas Ornaments

Decorate your beard, mustache, or goatee this season with festive beard Christmas ornaments! This set of 12 bright colored beard ornaments comes in four shiny holiday colors and easily clip onto beards of all lengths and density. Wear beard Christmas ornaments to your company party, family holiday dinner or ugly Christmas sweater party.  You'll be the life of the party! And you'll look fabulous.




Go from handsome to festive awesomeness with these 12 beard Christmas ornaments from Beardaments




Beard Christmas ornaments aren't just for beards though. They're great in pony tails too! The hair-friendly clips are easy to get on and stay put while you're dancing or doing yoga. 


Got a short beard or tiny goatee? Beard Christmas Ornaments are great for all types and lengths of beards and mustaches.




Decorating your beard doesn't stop at wearing beard ornaments. There's beard glitter too! No kidding. You can look this awesome.  Beard glitter kits come with beard oil (made of 4 essential oils that promote beard health), an applicator brush, and glitter.  You can choose from four colors: silver, gold, red, or green. Package instructions indicate that you first use the enclosed brush to apply the beard oil to the beard. Then add the glitter.  To remove, wash out in shower.


You can find beard glitter and beard Christmas ornaments from Beardaments on Amazon.



Photo credit Beardaments instagram @beardamentsoffical.