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Christmas Sweaters on Fox and Friends

Are you looking to buy one of the sweaters featured on from the Fox and Friends fashion show? Here's where to find them! Unicorn, Sloth and Fitness Santa sweaters. And Trump and Melania Christmas sweaters too!

Fox and Friends Fashion Show


Sloth Christmas Sweater

This is the holiday season where cats, pugs, and quirky animals RULE on Christmas sweaters.  And those quirky animals include manatees,  llamas and even sloths. And just when you think a sloth can't get any cuter, this Blizzard Bay sloth sweater features a sloth giving you a HUG! His little hands are reaching around the back sides of the sweater.


Unicorn Christmas Sweaters

Unicorns are like butterflies and cotton candy and rainbows all wrapped up into one lovable animal.  So why not put this feel-good creature on a candy cane striped Christmas sweater. Blizzard Bay makes a fun variety of unicorn holiday sweaters.



Fitness Santa Sweater

This hysterically funny Blizzard Bay Christmas sweater features a body building Santa wearing only a red speedo and Santa hat. The sweater has rows of red and white barbells and sneakers.



Faux Real Christmas Shirts

Faux Real Christmas shirts look like sweaters (or and elf suit!) but are actually a comfortable shirt fabric. These are a great option for a warmer climate or for wearing to dance the night away. They look so real that people may think you're actually wearing a sweater!



Cat Christmas Sweater

Isabella's Closet makes this adorable cat Christmas sweater that is wearing a Santa hat and a bright blue bow tie. He's got a heart nose and happy smile. The sweater has a red and white nordic pattern on front, back, and sleeves.    If you want to get crafty and DIY, you can get a package of red ribbons (the ones that are about 3-4" wide) at your local craft or dollar store and glue or sew the center of the ribbons all over the sleeves and front of the sweater.



DIY President Elect Trump and Melania Trump Christmas Sweater

Show your support of the incoming President and his wife by crafting some of these fab DIY sweaters. They are so much fun to wear!  Want your own face on the sweater? You can create these sweaters with any face that you want!


The faces are printed on a home model color printer using computer printer fabric sheets. To print the face, get an close-up face shot that is hi-quality. Print on the fabric sheets using your home color printer. The faces and decorations are all attached to the sweaters using a hot glue gun.  Hint: Step #1 should be to print the face. When you're cutting out the shape for the little sweater or dress, match the neckline to the face photo that you've printed. After creating your design, be sure to frame the entire decoration with some 1/4" rick rack or other trimming that you can get at any craft store. That gives it a finished look and make it really pop!

 Check out our Fox and Friends fashion show below.