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Christmas Sweater Ideas - DIY Dresses

DIY Christmas Sweater Dress Ideas

Hundreds of pictures of the best DIY Christmas sweater dresses with lights, fringe, pom poms, macrame trees and 3D embellishments. These dresses are awesome!  If you want to create your own contest winning Christmas dress this year, then look through our funny (super cute!) pictures of our best of the best dresses from over the years.


Check out the pictures, then get the materials and make your own creation. You can make your own ugly Christmas sweater!

DIY Christmas Sweater Dress Supplies

Grab a new or used dress from your closet, a store, or local thrift shop and get started.  We've put together a list of supplies that you can get on a one-stop-shop on Amazon. This list includes a glue gun and glue sticks, pom poms, LED lights and some ornaments.  There's also some printable fabric (that works in your home printer) that you can use to create sweater with someone's face on it! 


Other supplies you can collect can include things like hook rugs with holiday decorations, macrame Christmas trees, and needlepoint wall hangings. Basically, anything that was a Christmas decoration or hung on a Christmas tree is fair game to be sewn or glued onto a Christmas sweater or dress.  Check out yard sales or thrift shops for the best finds. Holiday decorations from the 1970's can make the best 3D items on an ugly Christmas sweater dress!

Christmas Dress Picture Ideas

Take a look through our dresses from years past collections. They are awesome!