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Christmas Sweater Ideas and DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Christmas Sweater Ideas

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Here are hundreds of ugly Christmas sweater pictures that show the best DIY Christmas sweaters that we've created over the years and some of the best vintage finds. There are some amazing vintage 80s sweaters that are so busy and fun that they can stand on their own. But then we have some retro gems that we added lights, ornaments and fringe to, and made them even more outrageous. 



But what if you don't have a fantastic vintage sweater on hand? Then you can create your own funny Christmas sweater. Here's a sampling of some of our favorite sweaters we've created over the years. Take a look at our favorites by clicking on the photo above. and get some ideas for your own creation!

My Ugly Christmas Sweater's sweaters are some of the most outrageous contest winning creations that ever hit the market.

Christmas Sweater Dresses

Do you want to see HUNDREDS of DIY Christmas sweater dresses? Check out our Christmas sweater dress collection for pictures of our best holiday dresses. Get some great DIY Christmas dress ideas!

How to make an Ugly Christmas Sweater

Want to create your own crafty Christmas sweater? You'll need to get a few items  like a glue gun and glue sticks, tinsel garland, small 1.5" ornaments, pom poms and pom pom fringe. If you want a light-up sweater you can a set of LED lights too. And if you want to make a sweater with someone's face on it, get some printer fabric paper, which will allow you to print a photo onto fabric (Then you'll glue it onto the sweater.).  So grab a new or  second hand sweater or sweatshirt and get some supplies. We've put together a list of things to get on Amazon to get you started.

DIY Christmas Sweater Shopping List


Christmas Sweater Ideas Pictures

We've created so many amazing Christmas sweaters and dresses over the years that you don't have to spend time thinking up new things to do. Just scroll through our seriously funny sweaters to get ideas. Here's a link to some of of favorites. Hundreds of pictures for sweater ideas that are all awesome and include both vintage and DIY sweaters.