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Christmas Golf Cart Parade Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - It's a Light Up Snowman!

Make this year's holiday golf cart parade a winner with this giant solo cup light-up snowman leading the way. Many creative crafters have made solo cup snowmen for party or lawn decorations, but my buddy Kathy and I thought it would make a fantastic feature for our snowman themed golf cart.


We checked out a few YouTubes on how to make a solo cup snowman (see link below) and decided to add lights to our snowman so it would shine bright! For lights, we used craft strands of 10 lights each which were powered by two AA batteries. We used scissors to poke holes through the cups and then poked the lights through. We strung the lights so that the battery packs were all placed in accessible cups and could be put 'on' just before the parade.


Connecting the two snow-ball sections of solo cups together was a little tricky. Using staples, we attached a piece of cardboard to the top of the lower snow-ball, and then we were able to use staples to attached the upper snowball to the cardboard.


For the snowman head, we used a child's red bouncy ball and we drew a nose and mouth on the ball. We attached paper eyes with glue.

East Lake Woodlands Country Club (Oldsmar, FL) held its 2019 holiday cart parade with a snowman theme. The rules were that everyone had to start with an undecorated cart one hour from kick off.  In the week leading up to the parade, we created a cardboard base that we'd attach later to the top of the cart with bungy cords. We created our solo cup snowman and dangling decorations at home and attached everything to the cardboard base. We then transported the base with all the decorations to the parade starting point and attached it to the top of the golf cart in only a few minutes time!  

AAAAAND, we won First Place in the holiday cart parade contest!

Here are some tips to creating your own contest winning creation.

how to make a sole cup snowman youtube

For step by step instruction, check out this youtube:

DIY Snowman Made of Plastic Cups and Christmas Light Installation

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