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Best Vintage Christmas Sweater from the 80s - Crazy Color and Super Quality

What makes the vintage 80s Christmas sweaters so special? OMG - the color, the design, the bulky knit, the sequins! We owe the fashion designer of the 80s a huge helping of gratitude for bringing their fantastical creations to us. 

To of my favorite Christmas sweater designers were (and still are!) Michael Simon and Berek. Both produced sweaters that were top quality and had bold bright designs that were super fun and never shy of pizazz. 

Michael Simon's nativity sweater has more sequins then the 4 Kings could handle. When originally sold, it came in a two piece sweater set. If you look often, you may be luckily enough to find a complete set on eBay. 


michael simon christmas sweaters

Michael Simon's Grinch sweaters are probably the most popular sweater on the vintage market. There are generations of Grinch fans, and these sweaters are timeless. The fact that the resale market still demands a high price for these sweaters is a testament to the sweaters quality. So often you'll find a vintage item with sequins that needs repair, but Michael Simon's sweaters are more often then not in awesome shape, having been made with quality in mind.

Here at MyUglyChristmasSweater, we used to sell loads of vintage Christmas sweaters each year and Michael Simon sweaters were the most sought after. He still makes traditional sweaters in NYC, but back in the 80s he was all about being festive.  He used vibrant yarn and loaded it up with hand-sewn sequins to produce amazing designs.  Today, his Grinch, Nativity, and Nutcracker sequin Christmas sweaters fetch a pretty dollar on eBay.  You can sometimes find one for a bargain price, but usually you'll have to pay over $200 for one of his fan favorite vintage designs.

Here's a few Michael Simon vintage sweaters we re-sold on

michael simon sweaters on myuglychristmassweater