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Best DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Outfits of 2017

Contest Winning DIY Christmas Sweater Party Outfits

We went looking for amazing DIY Christmas outfits and were amazed at how creative party goers got this season! If you want to win an ugly Christmas sweater party contest, your best bet is to think out of the box and go all out to really WOW the judges.  

To find the best of the best DIY Christmas sweaters of 2017 we've decided to check out a couple of the biggest and best Ugly Christmas Sweater parties and see what their winners wore.  Here are our favorites!

Christmas Tree (with Birds!) DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Outfit

Ok, this can't be beat. Period. We've seen people dressed up like Christmas trees before, but not this good! This amazing women is wrapped in all colors of Christmas garland and has accents that include 70's ornaments, plastic poinsettias, and even birds. It's the birds that makes this DIY Christmas Sweater Party outfit the best of the best for 2017.  Superbly funny and as good as it gets. Did I mention the tree-topper star hat? Santa is jumping for joy on her forehead.  She's seen here attending The 16th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, Canada.


She's decorated head to toe including Christmas wrapping paper gift boxes on her feet! The devils in the details, and if you're going out to WIN an Ugly Christmas Sweater party contest, then take note! 


DIY Christmas Tree Photos credit: The Original Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, Commodore Hotel, Vancouver CA

Homemade Christmas Sweater Suit Mashup

Our other favorite DIY outfit for 2017 goes to this incredible costume seen at the 13th Annual Kansas City Ugly Christmas Sweater Party at the Tower Tavern.  This guy took the idea of wearing a Christmas suit to a new level of awesome. He's got about 32 different holiday pattered fabric on this suit, vest and tie combo. It's eye numbing! And perfect!  And by the size of that trophy he's holding, it looks like it was deemed best of the best.  Creating this incredible suit takes some serious seamstress abilities, but that only adds to the kudos we're throwing his way for effort.


photo credit: JC Photography.  Party info:

Make your own Christmas Tree outfit

If you're looking to recreate the Christmas Tree outfit that we highlighted above, a hint is to start with a fluffy tutu skirt as a base for your tree decorations.  Get one in a Christmas color like green or red and then sew, glue (hot glue gun), or pin decorations onto the skirt.