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Where Did Walmart Get The Skating Cat Sweater Used in their Commercial?

The holiday commercials for 2013 are already in production and we can't wait to see all the ugly sweaters that they'll feature.  Ugly Christmas sweater parties are all the rage, and funny sweaters are being incorporated into commercials to help sell all kinds of things, from postal services to merchandise.  People are still talking about Walmart's Christmas commercial where a man is wearing an awesome skating cat sweater  and his wife posts his photo to facebook. Remember the scene?

This guy's the best! He's the only one at this boring party who's got some fun in him and is wearing an actual Christmas sweater. His lame wife doesn't like his sweater, saying that 'cats don't skate'. Seriously lame wife. Look what she's wearing:

All of us who love Christmas sweaters know that the most absurd the pattern the better, and a huge skating cat is just about as good as it gets.

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