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Musicians and Bands Rocking Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Rock Bands Wearing Ugly Christmas Sweaters

How do you know that Ugly Christmas sweaters are reached the pinnacle of hipster cool?  They've been embraced by rock bands across the country. Hard to believe these knits were once 'your momas sweater'. They're clearly hip now. Nothing matronly about them. They've arrived in the rock world and look awesome. 

Tegan and Sara's not-so-tacky Christmas Sweaters

I love Tegan and Sara's sweaters at the 98.7 FM's Ugly Christmas sweater party at the Historic Hollywood Towers. That 1950's vintage reindeer sweater totally rocks.

tegan and sara hollywood towers
photo: Tegan and Sara 98.7 Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Performance

American Idol Kris Allen Rock and Ugly Christmas Sweater 

Kris Allen got into the spirit of things before it was mainstream. Back in December 2009, he was a recent American Idol winner and went on Letterman with his band to sing 'Live Like We're Dying'. They were all rocking ugly Christmas sweaters. You gotta give him credit for wearing an 80s cardigan. That guitar player on the left took the total hipster way out with a classic leaping reindeer pullover. Safe bet in 2009 when most of New York wasn't quite on board yet with the whole 'wearing Moms sweater' thing.
   kris allen letterman
Photo: YouTube Kris Allen - Live Like We're Dying - Letterman

Ready Set and Christmas Spirit

And even if your band won't go along with the fun, it's nice to see a lead singer who steps up to the plate and rocks and ugly Christmas sweater anyway. Props to you Jordan Witsigreuter from Ready Set. That's a pretty cool google eyed reindeer sweater.
ready set jordan witzigreuter   
Photo: Jordan Witzigreuter Ready Set PV Session