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Inspired by Club Penguin and Happy Feet - Penguin Themed Ugly Christmas Sweaters are Super Cute

Penguins are making ugly Christmas sweaters cuter then ever.     

Christmas themed sweaters with adorable penguins are taking the 'ugly' out of the 'ugly Christmas sweater'.

Though there's little danger of the wildly popular Ugly Christmas Sweater Party trend morphing to a 'cute' themed party, the adorable penguin has made its way onto holiday themed clothing in a big way.

penguin christmas sweater
photo: Amazon Penguin Christmas Sweater from Zatori

Take a look at penguin sweater in the 2012 FedEx save 10% at Christmas commercial.   Mr. Customer is regretting his penguin sweater purchase, but we all know it's a chick magnet. 
fedex ugly christmas sweater    
photo: YouTube FedEx TV Ad "Catch"

Let's face it, penguins are hot items right now. 

There are penguin themed children's costumes penguin costume (via amazon)


The popularity of the movie 'Happy Feet' and the uber fun Club Penguin game are fueling the penguin love in the next generation of ugly Christmas sweater party attendees. Watch out Mr. Snowman - the penguin is taking over, and if you don't cute yourself up somehow, you'll be left out in the cold.