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The USPS Ugly Christmas Sweater Commercial is a Hit!

The USPS Ugly Christmas Sweater 

An ugly Christmas sweater is featured in a post-holiday USPS commercial, signaling that the once-hipster fad is officially mainstream. It wasn't long ago, back in 2009, when I did an 'Ugly Christmas Sweater Fashion Show' on The View and the New York audience clearly didn't get the joke. Back in 2009, the kitschy trend hadn't quite reached the east coast, and the New York audience (many wearing holiday knits) reacted to the word 'ugly' as a possible insult to their fashion sense.

Fast forward to 2013 and the 'Ugly' Christmas Sweater phenomenon has swept the country and even made it's way into holiday commercials. Ugly sweaters are "in" and it's OK to us all to poke a bit of fun at the busy holiday patterned knits.

In the USPS ugly Christmas sweater commercial released post-2012 holidays, Actor Tim Paul is wearing a holiday sweater with patchwork of festive designs. He opens a gift box, only to find he received the exact sweater as a gift. Ah crap. (He doesn't really say that.)

usps ugly christmas sweater commercial
photo: via YouTube uspstv : Sweater (Easy Returns)

No worries, because apparently where Tim lives, the USPS will come to your house and pick up packages. He puts the gift in a USPS provided priority mail box and Mr. Postman happily comes right to his door to take the return. The humor comes in when Mr. Postman (rumored to be an actual Chicago postman BTW) sarcastically says 'Nice sweater'. 

usps christmas sweater commercial
photo: via YouTube uspstv : Sweater (Easy Returns)

Actor Tim shyly beams with delight and says 'Thank you'. The end.
We love you Tim.

usps ugly christmas sweater tim paul
photo: via YouTube uspstv : Sweater (Easy Returns)


Interesting side note (at least to us...): We sold a few matching puffy Frosty sweaters that were supposed to be used in this commercial (or so we thought/hoped), but for whatever reason, the ad team changed direction. The sweater he's wearing is truly a gem, so we don't fault them there. And we appreciate the Frosty sweater purchase for sure. 

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