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The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Contest Controversy

Judging an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

It's a funny thing about being an expert on ugly Christmas sweaters - Wherever I go, I now get asked all kinds of questions about the business. No problem! I love to hear everyone's ideas and inquiries. Today's question was a serious one though.  Someone at my doctor's office was upset over the judging at their ugly Christmas sweater themed office party, and wanted to know my opinion.  Apparently the grand prize of 'Most Ugly' was given to someone who wore a black trash bag with a bow. That's it. Just a bag and a bow. Seems lame to me too.

The questions posed to me were: Shouldn't the winner HAVE to wear a knit? Shouldn't it HAVE to be a sweater?

It seems nothing's easy now days. Not even judging an ugly Christmas sweater contest. As a self-proclaimed expert, here's my answer: There needs to be multiple prize categories for every party, and attendees need to know what they are ahead of time so they can plan ahead. Put the prize categories on the invitation/poster.  Ugly Christmas sweater-wear is much more varied then just 80's knits, but surely the grand prize should be saved for an actual sweater. That lame trash-bag-with-a-bow non-sweater should have received the 'Lamest' prize or, if there were only two people wearing Christmas attire at the whole party, then 'Best Homemade' (if anything at all). 

Prizes can involve a trophy along with an actual prize, like a copy of Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater. You can get award ribbons, trophies, and loads of sweater themed prizes on Amazon. Consider giving Christmas sweater themed ornaments, or key chains, or even koozies.
Christmas sweater contest awards

Here's a list of prize categories you need at every party:

Best Overall - This should really be a knit sweater. It can have embellishments, but needs to be a sweater.
Best Homemade - Anything goes here. This is a great category to use to reward creativity.
Best Couple -  These can match or not. The couple prize can go to a romantic couple, or a couple of bff's.

Looking for more categories of prizes?
Best Female/Best Male   - give to an individual or group of girls/group of guys
Most Outrageous - sweater, sweatshirt, dress - anything goes, but this winner needs to be over-the-top!
Lamest - 'Trash-bag-guy' should have gotten this prize. For sure. 

Need help organizing your party? For holiday sweater party ideas like what food and drinks to serve, games to play, invitations, and tons of other topics, visit our Christmas sweater party ideas page.