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Vintage Christmas Sweaters are Hot - Adam Brody and John Mayer are Bringing Back Classic Reindeer Knits

Vintage reindeer ugly Christmas sweaters are in high demand for the 2012 holiday season!  

John Mayer wore classic Ralph Lauren sweater on The Ellen Show, then Adam Brody rocked a vintage reindeer sweater on the O.C., making it clear: Vintage Christmas Sweaters are 'in'. 


Festive moose and leaping reindeer sweaters are clearly not only for holiday parties - they are hot items on college campuses and city streets. Abercrombie & Fitch, J. Crew, and The Gap have all tried to replicate the sought after styles. Urban Outfitters has it's version of the '80s Reindeer Sweater ($109), but it still falls short of the vintage Ralph Lauren sweaters and the awesome Eddie Bauer Leaping Reindeer from the 1980's. 

leaping reindeer vintage christmas sweater woolrich Eddie Bauer Leaping Reindeer Sweater 
  Vintage-look Reindeer Sweater from Urban Outfitters

If you have visions of yourself or your partner wearing one of these sweaters this holiday season, you better get shopping - they are sure to be flying off the shelves and long sold out by party season!    

john mayer christmas sweater ralph lauren reindeer John Mayer on Ellen

adam brody vintage reindeer christmas sweater from the O.C. Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson on the O.C.

The 2012 ugly Christmas sweater season is barely underway, and already it's the classic reindeer sweaters that are selling like hotcakes. The My Ugly Christmas Sweater website has amassed a whole collection of vintage reindeer sweaters in both men's and women's sizes, and they are sure to sell out well before Christmas. Someone shelled out $200 for an exact copy of the now-well-known 'John Mayer Christmas Sweater'  and, although a vintage sweater similar to Adam Brody's is still available, it's sure to be snapped up soon.