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Killington Hayseed Ball - Costume Fun that Doesn't Involve Ugly Sweaters!

Life isn't all about ugly Christmas sweaters!   I'm getting ready for a really big event this Sunday night - the 1st Annual 'Hayseed Ball' in Killington, VT. Our town is pretty well known for our themed parties - like the Mini Skirt Party at the Pickle Barrel , the Bridesmaid Parties,  and the old Gatsby Ball that ran for years on 'Trike Race Weekend'. This town is full of fun people who aren't shy about putting a costume together and looking ridiculous in the name of a good time. 

For the last few years, the beautiful foliage season here in the mountains has ushered in the Killington Hay Festival where our businesses showcase massive hay sculptures that are amazing!   

Local artist and hay sculptor January Meyer has organized the Hayseed Ball for this Sunday, September 23 at 6:00 at The Summit Lodge.

I've got my eye on that crown and went shopping at the second-hand store yesterday for some pretty FINE outfits for my husband and me!  The talent portion of the contest should be tricky, but I think I'm going to break out a particularly random skill I have that should suit the evening nicely.  Photos coming next week...stay tuned!