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Christmas in August at Yellowstone National Park - Break Out Your Ugly Christmas Sweater


Christmas may be months away, but at Yellowstone National Party August 25th is "Christmas in August in Yellowstone".  There are varying stories as to how this annual celebration got its start. One story goes that sometime between the 30's and 50's a huge snowstorm stranded visitors and employees. Luckily, some fun and creative people were in the crowd and were inspired to create a Christmas celebration, complete with food and song.  

christmas in august in yellowstone

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Another version of events has it that in the 40's, the employees began a costume party called "Savage Day", which involved wearing costumes and over drinking.  At some point management decided that it may be better to join them rather than fight them, and got involved with the festivities. The party was moved to end of August and guests were encouraged to join in.

Somewhere along the way all that fun drinking and acting like idiots was replaced with listening to classical music.  Ah well, it still sounds like a lot of fun.          

Details can be hard to come by, but the good folks at Trip advisor say that each August 25th, you can drive by Christmas Tree Rock (3.1 miles south of the Madison Junction or 12.9 miles north of Old Faithful).  Stop by the Old Faithful Inn for an early evening celebration of tree decorating, cookies and punch, music and a visit from Santa Claus.  Read more about it in Yellowstone Insider.

Though it's not officially a costume party, don't forget to pack your ugly Christmas sweater.