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Stress Free Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Tips

The holidays can be stressful - especially for party hostesses! You have family to host, kids running around, plus guests coming over. There's wrapping, gifting, cooking, cleaning up, and everything in between. To help with your holidays, here are some of our favorite stress free ugly Christmas sweater party tips.

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Get organized! Planning ahead can save you a major headache. Decide what theme you want (obviously ugly Christmas sweaters) then make important decisions around that. Plan out the decorations, food, party, list, and 'to dos.' With these initial lists, plan out ingredients you'll need, shopping supplies, and more. 


Santa Party Mix - Cookies and CupsOffer a self-serve bar. This will allow you to mingle and be a hostess while you're guests are free to party and drink. Stock up on the supplies and rotate bottles when you get low.


Keep it simple. Parties don't always have to be extravagant to be a success. Coordinate a few complimenting decorations. These simple ideas will create a seamless theme while keeping the holiday spirit. Stick to simple foods that are crowd pleasers. Chip and dip plus a cheese plate are favorites no matter what. Pair your simple foods with a few bigger dishes. Cook what you need ahead of time so during the party you're focused on your guests, not the food.

Have fun and relax! And don't forget to shine in the ugliest Christmas sweater that you can find!


Photo credit: Cookies and Cups