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Sledding Cat Cover Up on Jimmy Fallon 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters

It's a cat caper. We are suspecting that Jimmy Fallon covered up the Sledding Cat on our sweater on Day 5 of 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters. What do you think? We sent some sweaters to the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon a few weeks ago, and included one of our Sledding Cat sweaters in the bunch. Who doesn't love cats? The sweater we sent is embellished with fluffy snow-like trimming on the hat and under the candycane sled.   And so, we tuned in each night....hoping the Sledding Cat sweater is showcased to his most-awesome fans who love Christmas sweaters almost as much as we do.

So when Day 5 came around, the sweater de jour came out of the box and it had our sleeves, our varsity striped cuffs, hem, and collar, but WHOA!


That's not our front! What's up with that?  It's a craft project gone bad. Either Jimmy got a little crazy at the craft table or one of his underlings is hawking their "Santa Head Striped Tshirt" as a sweater. It's a mystery. A cat caper. It's #sweatergate.

Why Jimmy, Why? Why doesn't Jimmy Fallon like cats?
Ask Jimmy Fallon on twitter to bring back the cat sweater. #showthecat