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Have a Very Meowy Christmas with these Cat Christmas Sweaters

Best Cat Christmas Sweaters

Cat Christmas sweaters and sweatshirts have been favorites of the feline fans for ages. In the 80's, when conversation sweaters celebrated topics like Teddy Bear Toys and Holiday Tree Trimmings, it was the cat sweaters that ruled the day. Favorite designs include acrylic sweaters with toppling kitty cats, a skating cat wearing a Christmas dress, and living room scenes with cats playing with yarn. The cat designs were endless, but the availability of retro cat sweaters is highly limited today. That's because the cat sweaters were not tossed to the recycle bin with the other sweaters of yesteryear.  Cat people are a loyal bunch, and they covet their favorite sweaters almost as much as the beloved pets.


So if you are lucky enough to find a cat themed sweater in a second hand shop then grab it! And if you are looking for a new cat sweater for your self or for a gift you are in luck, because My Ugly Christmas Sweater has introduced a delightful Sledding Cat sweater in their 2014 collection. The Sledding Cat sweater is reminiscent of the 80s retro designs, but is made of high quality 100% cotton knit that will last the test of time. 

Here's some of our favorite Cat sweaters of all time.

sledding cat sweater from my ugly christmas sweater
Sledding Cat sweater from My Ugly Christmas Sweater

sledding cat sweater
Skating Cat sweater
meowy christmas cat sweatshirt
Meowy Christmas sweatshirt with fringe
 vintage cat sweater
80s Cute Kitty Cats Acrylic Christmas Sweater
cute cat sweater with fringe
Embellished Cat Sweater with Long Fringe

Find brand new cat themed Christmas sweaters at My Ugly Christmas Sweater in our Cat Christmas Sweater Collection. If you're looking for pictures of the DIY sweaters we've sold in the past, check out our DIY Cat Christmas sweaters for great ideas. We think we've got the most diverse collection of cat themed sweaters and sweatshirts anywhere. Take a look and let us know what you think!


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