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Ugly Christmas Sweater 5K’s Are Tacky Fun!

Christmas Sweater 5K Races Popularity Soars in 2014

Ugly Christmas sweater parties have skyrocketed in popularity, so it’s no surprise that tacky sweater themed road races are picking up steam.

Ugly Christmas sweaters are the ultimate wardrobe choice when having a holiday party. All you have to do is get a group of friends, some very ugly sweaters, (the uglier the better), and have a party! But what else could you do in an ugly Christmas sweater? Well, how about run a 5K road race? 5K races during the holidays are now picking up the ugly Christmas sweater theme. Along with getting some wonderful exercise, it’s a great fun family and friend's activity, and most races benefit a charity. Bonus!
Race Day - Customer photo from My Ugly Christmas Sweater

So, Why Have a Themed 5K race?

I know that 5K’s usually have runners wearing their normal runner’s clothing with their normal running shoes and accessories. But wearing an ugly Christmas sweater during a 5K would not only make the race more fashion friendly, but it’s more entertaining. You can get your exercise while doing a good thing for a charity. And, if you rally up and put some creativity into your sweater, you may just win a prize for 'Most Ugly Sweater'.

The Museum of the Southwest has their annual Ugly Sweater Run Saturday, December 13, 2014. The run is for everyone - adults, children, beginner or intermediate. It's a fun family event where you can choose either the 5K run or a 1 Mile Reindeer Dash.    Similarly,  The Ugly Sweater Run  is a 5k event taking place in 21 cities across the country. It's sponsored by Sam Adams, and donates money to Save The Children, a nonprofit organization that gives children a fresh start and educational support. You're likely to get some good swag at the run too, at least a custom vintage hat and unlimited hot chocolate. And you'll probably get some tasty Sam Adam's beer and Angry Orchard Hard Cider. If you love a race with fun people, check out an ugly sweater 5k in your neighborhood this winter!

Themed Races Have Been Around for a While

It's no wonder that ugly sweater 5k's are taking off in popularity. Halloween themed races have been hot forever, with names like the Trick or Trot and Chase away Fears. Zombie 5k races are ridiculously fun and sell-out successes around the country.  Thanksgiving has gotten into the action with Turkey Trot races.  These Thanksgiving day races are a popular start to an otherwise food focused day, and participants often wear funny turkey head dresses and Pilgrim costumes. Woodstock Vermont is the home of the Zack's Place Turkey Trot, which benefits it's namesake community enrichment center. Now in it's 7th year, they raised over $47,000 in 2013.  Residents and visitors to Woodstock love to dress up in a crazy outfit knowing that they are raising money for a great cause. So, if you're ready to participate in some early holiday fun, visit the Zack's Place Turkey Trot home page to find out more information and to register to participate!

So with all the interest in Halloween and Thanksgiving themed 5k's, it's no wonder that Christmas sweater races are some of the fastest growing themed race in the industry.  

5K Races in Warm Weather Climates

People get hot and sweaty when they run, and wearing a heavy sweater may not be a good choice in warm climate races, which is why the ugly Christmas sweater vest is the go-to down south! Since it doesn’t have sleeves, you can wear layers underneath, maybe a cute, holiday-themed t-shirt or turtle neck, or base layers with snow flakes on them. That way, your arms and the rest of your body won’t feel like it’s in a sauna. And remember, the uglier, the better so put some thought into what's under your vest.

5K Races in Cold Weather Climates

If  your ugly Christmas sweater run is closer toward the winter time, then a thick knit, ugly Christmas sweater is definitely for you. Although the ugly Christmas sweater vest may be more breathable, with a thick knit ugly Christmas sweater, you have more room to make your sweater more ridiculous by adding more tassels, lights, sparkles, and anything you want to make it the ugliest looking sweater on the course.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Accessories

So your ugly Christmas sweater is on and you're ready to run, but you feel that you need to look more ridiculous, so what should you do? Throw on a hat with jingle bells, get some flashing earrings, or paint your nails green.  You can buy or decorate some Christmas sneakers. Nike makes Christmas sneakers that would make you the envy of the race and you can find them on Amazon for a decent price. If you don't feel like spending money on running shoes, then go to your local craft store and have some fun making your shoes more holiday friendly! Put some cotton balls on them to make it look like snow or some glitter for some festive holiday cheer!

For more information on Ugly Christmas Sweater themed parties and races around the country visit our party page for dates and times.