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Christmas in July with Elf on the Shelf

Christmas in July with Elf on the Shelf!

 We think our Christmas Elf deserves more then just hanging on the shelf at Christmas time, so we found some perfect ugly Christmas sweaters that are just right for the elves of the world, and sent our elves out to have a good time year round. Elves seem to tolerate wearing tacky Christmas sweaters year round just fine, so we take ours on holiday as well as to our daily adventures and take some pictures to share along the way.

It may be summer but Christmas sweaters are perfect to celebrate Christmas in July. We took our elves out to the lake where they made a few friends with some ducks and did some boating and got some wind in their hair.  

 Christmas in July boating elf with a Christmas sweater. See more #elfontheshelf in #christmassweaters at
Christmas in July trip to the lake,
complete with a cheesy holiday

Elf with green sweater with ducks celebrating Christmas in July. See more #elfontheshelf in #christmassweaters at

Elf making some friends on the lake.
Who wouldn't want to be his buddy
with those dangling ornaments on
his sweater?


Elf cliff jumping at the Christmas in July Party. See more #elfontheshelf in #christmassweaters at

Cliff jumping into the lake wearing 
a festive Christmas sweater. 


Elf on the shelf friends at the lake wearing Christmas sweaters. See more #elfontheshelf in #christmassweaters at

You know it's true love when you
find another elf at the lake,
and he's wearing a Christmas
sweater too.


Elf with duck at the lake wearing a Christmas sweater. See more #elfontheshelf in #christmassweaters at
This elf has a properly
labeled Christmas sweater.

Elf on the shelf at the lake with a blue Christmas sweater. See more #elfontheshelf in #christmassweaters at

Kayaking at the Christmas in July


Elf with festive plants at a Christmas in July party. See more #elfontheshelf in #christmassweaters at
If your having a Christmas in July
Party you can decorate your plants
with holiday garland and dangling
bells. This elf is wearing a festive
cat sweater with fluffy trim, and fits 
right in.

Elf at a Christmas in July party in the garden.  See more #elfontheshelf in #christmassweaters at

Decorating your garden for a Christmas
in July party idea. Plant your elf in
the garden surrounded with little
wrapped presents. 



Christmas in July is a great excuse for a party, and decorating has never been easier. Think nautical or patriotic colors instead of red and green.  Decorate a Christmas tree with red, white and blue decorations, like white garland (or crafty white paper chain garland if you prefer), red and blue ornaments, toy boats or pool inspired decorations, and top the tree with an American flag.  For more ideas for your party visit our Christmas in July party ideas pinterest board.     


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