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Ugly Christmas Sweater in July Party


Ugly Christmas Sweater in July Party

Your slam-packed summer is starting to wind down, and the lazy days are getting shorter. There’s still time to add in one more celebration by throwing an Ugly Christmas Sweater in July Party for all your friends and family. It’s a great opportunity to have one more get-together before Memorial Day, and something unique your friends will remember for years.

Of course you’ll want to stock up on your Ugly Christmas Sweaters, but to beat the heat and embrace the summer, try wearing an Ugly Christmas Vest, Tropical Ugly Christmas Sweater or even an ugly Christmas tshirt. You can also go the Christmas Pajamas  route and pick out a fabulous onesie you can fall asleep in after the fun is over.

Use this short guide as a quick blueprint to throwing the most memorable bash of the summer!

Put a twist on classic Christmas invitations by drawing or gluing sunglasses and an ugly Christmas sweater on a snowman or Santa Claus. You can even write something clever on the inside like:

“It may not snow, not even a flake, but this July Christmas Memories we’ll make!”


Food can be argued as one of the most important features at any party, so get in the Christmas spirit by serving Strawberry Shortcake Santa Hats and chilled Peppermint Juleps.

To make the Santa Hats, you need a pound cake, Cool Whip, fresh sliced strawberries and a cookie cutter in the shape of Santa’s hat.

Cut the pound cake into 1-inch-thick bars. Use the cookie cutter to cut out the shape of Santa’s hat and then spread with Cool Whip. Add the strawberries on to make the hat red, leaving the tip and bottom edge white. Place in the freezer for a couple of hours and voila! A frosty frozen summer treat everyone will enjoy.

Serve them up alongside mint juleps swirled with a peppermint stick, or chilled apple cider with a cinnamon stick as a non-alcoholic option. Most recipe sites also have great frozen holiday cocktails and recipes.

Get tropical with a paper or inflatable palm tree to be the center of the party. You can either string it with lights or even make paper ornaments to hang on it. If you really want to get in the holiday spirit, purchase a few rolls of cotton to glue to your tree to make snow. Pull apart the fibers enough so that they look fluffy but don’t fall apart.

A white elephant exchange is a staple for holiday parties, so why not encourage your guests to take advantage of the late summer sales and give your game a beach or summer theme with tons of flip-flops and beach balls. After everyone has opened their flip-flops and beach balls, you can head outside to have a no-snow snowball fight!

There are two variations of having a no-snow snowball fight. Both involve pantyhose or cheesecloth, so have those at the ready. Cut sections of the cloth and tie one end so it can be filled with either flour or shaving cream to make a ball. Tie off the other end and fill up a couple buckets with your no-snow snowballs. Head outside and let the fun begin, taking care that any children are wearing swim goggles to keep flour and shaving cream out of their eyes. You can create your own rules or turn it into a game of Capture the North Pole Flag. Both the shaving cream and flour wash out easily; just make sure you have a hose handy!

With these suggestions you’re well on your way to the best party of the year. Remember to have a camera on hand so your guests can take “family photos” in front of your Christmas tree. You can even create a backdrop with silver streamers to make it look like a winter wonderland. The options are endless, so have fun!