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Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas and Pictures on Pinterest

Ugly Christmas sweater pictures and party ideas on Pinterest. 

If you're having an ugly Christmas sweater party or if you're looking for ideas for the perfect tacky sweater check out our pinterest boards for great ideas.  My Ugly Christmas Sweater Inc. loves Pinterest and it's the place to go if you're having a party and need ideas to make your party one to remember.       

We all know party planning isn’t always easy, but an ugly Christmas sweater party should as fun to plan as it is to attend. There are so many funny ideas of how to decorate your house, what to serve and how to entertain your guest with fun games.  It's helpful to have someone give you a hand, that's why we've created our own my ugly Christmas sweaters and party Pinterest.

We’ve created a variety of Christmas party planning boards that have some great ideas, some of our own and some borrowed, that you could easily do yourself. Our Pinterest boards include pictures of the best ugly sweaters, DIY food and drinks, party invitations, and more. At My Ugly Christmas Sweater we’re trying to make your holiday and as ugly as we possibly can. Follow us on Pinterest and bounce ideas off us, we love to see what you’re planning for your next party.


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