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USA Olympic Team Ugly Christmas Sweater Uniforms - Awesome or Awful?

The ugly Christmas sweater themed USA opening ceremony uniforms are creating a fashion buzz, but the verdict is split: ugly or awesome? The Ralph Lauren designed patriotic jackets are jam packed with stars and stripes and all things USA, and assault the senses with their bold design and color. We love them!
photo credit: Today Show
Where's all the buzz about Norway's curling team duds? These Loudmouth brand inspired uniforms are eye numbing greatness. This isn't the first time that their pants have caught our attention. The Norway Olympic curling team's pants have their own facebook page, which has over 540,000 likes!
photo credit: Washington Post
Each Olympics has their own fashion disasters. Let's not forget Spain's Olympic uniforms from the 2010 games. If there were a hall of fame for ugly, these would rank high.
photo credit: NPR
Each Olympics has it's best of the worst prize, and Spain's horrible orange uniforms were tame compared to the Russian ice dancing team of Oksana Dommina and Maximim Shabalin. They managed to offend the entire country of Australia with their Aboriginal themed ice dancing costumes, complete with brown faces and faux leaves. Consider these outfits next time you want to complain about the 2014 USA patriotic jackets.
photo: NY Times
Let's face it. We love these crazy uniforms (well, maybe not the aboriginal ice dancing costumes). Designers love the press, and we love to see our athletes in something that makes them stand out and shine.

The 2014 Ralph Lauren uniforms are awesome in every way. They're over-the-top patriotic, and play on the current ugly Christmas sweater pop culture phenomenon that our country is embracing. Rock on!