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How to Have an Ugly Christmas Sweater Themed Wedding

Let's face it, not everyone is looking to have a cookie cutter wedding just like everyone else. There are some truly awesome couples out there who have taken the leap into the tacky hall of fame by having an Ugly Christmas Sweater themed wedding where the wedding party and guests wore love themed Christmas sweaters. A couple in Norway recently tied the knot with the ugly Christmas sweater theme, and invited their guests from around the world to come dressed in tacky holiday knits. After the wedding (which was in a traditional chapel), guests drove to the reception destination and then jumped on sleds to make the final portion of the trip to the hall.  I have to think there was a work-around for the less-hardy guests who didn't want to go sledding, but, what a great idea!

More frequently then you may think, here at My Ugly Christmas Sweater ® , we get emails from brides looking for something appropriate for the wedding party to wear at a themed wedding. If you think you may want to spice up your wedding by having your wedding party and guests wear holiday knits, take a look at the pictures below for some great ideas.

One bride from Washington state wore this not-so-ugly dress to her wedding. They had a barbeque at their home with a small group of friends, who all wore their tacky finest.
Dressing the groom can be tricky for an ugly Christmas sweater themed wedding, but this Kissing Reindeer sweater is a perfect fit. It's masculine enough for most men to wear, and theme is perfect for a wedding. The bright lights are a great touch!
When it comes to the wedding party, you are only limited by your own creativity. One option would be to have the wedding party choose any LOVE themed holiday sweater that they like. You can then make them look uniform by adding the same fringe to each sweater, either on the hem or around the center design area. Or, add dangling ornaments to each sweater using ornaments in the colors of the wedding. For example, if purple and white is your theme. add 5 or 7 purple/white alternating ornaments all around the center design of each sweater. The ornaments will tie the random sweaters together with a common theme.
Here are some great love themed sweatshirts from My Ugly Christmas Sweater®:
Hugging Snowmen with fringe
Kissing dogs with fringe
Winnie the Pooh Love...the perfect gift
There are loads of retro holiday sweaters with the love theme. This flamingo couple short sleeved Christmas sweater is jam packed with bling glam, and has festive dangling ornaments that bring some class to the sweater. Perhaps this would be great for the mother of the bride!
Flamingo lovers with glam and dangling ornaments
Here's are a two more ugly Christmas sweaters that have the holiday theme as well as some heart designs, making them perfect for a tacky wedding.
Christmas trees and hearts vest
Retro 80s hearts and love bear
Bears in love skating at Christmas, retro sweater

If you are looking to outfit your wedding party in tacky knits, check out, where you'll find the best selection of holiday sweaters and sweatshirts.  They will help you find what you need, and even customize the sweaters with fringe and ornaments so that your 'ugly' theme is totally awesome! When at the My Ugly Christmas Sweater® website, use the search box on the left and search HEART or LOVE and you'll find loads of sweaters perfect for a wedding.

Make sure your invitations have a link to an ugly Christmas sweater store, so that your guests will know where to go to find a sweater. Contact the store owner ahead of time and ask for a special coupon code that your guests can use for a discount. If you're ordering for your wedding party yourself, the store should be able to help you pick out sweaters, do custom work, and ship together.