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Vintage Football Sweaters Make Fall Fun (and can be worn at Christmas!)

Football themed knit sweaters were super popular in the 80s, right along with their cousins the (ugly) Christmas sweater.  The same fab designers who were killing it selling holiday themed cardigans were also designing sweaters for holidays and also for sports. Like football. OMG. How fabulous! Rah Rah! Cheerleaders, tassels, pom poms and touchdowns. Game day will never look the same again!


vintage football sweaters 80s
Think these are out of style? Think again! They are collectables and sought after by fans of all ages. Looking for a unique birthday or Christmas gift. This is it. They can be found on eBay - but act fast if you see one you like. Seach for 'Berek Football Sweaters', and you'll find some gems like these:
berek football sweaters on ebay
Here at MyUglyChristmasSweater, we used to sell a zillion vintage Christmas sweaters every year. Along with holiday themed, some customers bought rando Football sweaters too. They just pinned some ornaments on the Football sweater and it was transformed to an ugly Christmas sweater. Perfect!
1980s vintage football sweaters