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The Most Unusual Christmas Sweater Ever Requested - Hint, It's for a Moose

Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Customizing Christmas sweaters and accessories is a funny business. Really funny.  I've gotten some interesting inquiries over the years, like a man who emailed me once asking: "Do you have the HoHoHo boxers in a 6XL?"  Um. No. Can we make some? Maybe.

Moose Christmas Sweater

Just the other day we got what may be the most unusual request ever for a customized Christmas sweater from someone. Here's the entirety of the email:



OMG. Really? I have so many questions. First, I wondererd if was for a real moose.  And I wondered how she knows the moose is an 8XL.  If it's a fake moose, do the legs screw off? Otherwise it would have to be customized with velcro sides to get the legs through the arm holes. But seriously, is there any other way possible to get a moose's legs through the arm holes?

So I assumed the moose needs a cardigan. Assuming it's a male with antlers, this sweater couldn't possibly get over its head. Even a female with NO antlers would need a cardigan.

I was sure a a vest would meet this moose's needs better than a sweater with arms. I cant imagine the moose's arms fitting into an 8xl sweater. Besides the logistics, a moose's triceps must be huge. 

So I was thinking a vest with button or zipper closure is best. But I had to know the girth of the moose. I have a mens 8XL vest that will fit a man with a 76" chest. But I'm going out on a limb and guessing that a moose is larger. By a lot.

I'd love to customize something for her moose. I could decorate a zippered vest with long flowing fringe and dangling ornaments and jingle bells. It would be fabulous! 

The customer and I have been swapping phone calls, so stay tuned. I'm confident that there are no actual moose Christmas sweaters on the market, and would love to work on this project.

UPDATE: I found out more about the customer's moose! It's actually PART of a animatronic moose from the 80s that she wants to resurrect.  The original moose was sitting upright (like a human) and rotated his head back and forth.



The moose head is still in existence….the body is sadly missing. So her idea is to stuff an 8XL mens Christmas sweater....add custom moose-sized mittens....and Voila! A holiday moose.  Mr. Moose will need a support built to hold up the body and head at the rear...and then big gift boxes at the bottom and front to hide below the sweater. What a fun idea!

I'm finding inspiration from these Lenox moose Christmas ornaments. Moose wearing Christmas sweaters - adorable! I love the lights! I'm hoping the customer wants me to incorporate some colorful Christmas lights into her moose's vest.




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