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Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Book - Stocking Stuffer, Gift, or Sweater Contest Prize

Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater by Anne Marie Blackman and Brian Clark Howard


Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater is a fun and festive book with over 200 colorful pictures of people and pets wearing holiday sweaters.  Holiday sweaters aren't just for parties anymore! And this book features children and adults of all ages proudly wearing all types of Christmas, Hanukkah, and even Kwanzaa sweaters at home, about town, to work, parties, church, the beach, and everywhere in between. Festive funny pictures are accompanied by one or two line funny captions that make this book a fun coffee table book to have out during the holidays.


If you're looking for a stocking stuffer, office holiday gift, or just some fashion inspiration, this book is a great choice. Each picture is accompanied with a funny caption, and the book is hard covered with full color photos on each page.


 rock your ugly christmas sweater book cover

How did this book come about?
In 2011, Anne Marie Blackman had been selling her upcycled hand-crafted ugly Christmas sweaters online for a few years and was receiving extensive press coverage for both her creative Christmas sweater and her entrepreneurial success.  She had the idea to publish a book that would showcase pictures of both her own funny Christmas sweaters as well as some of the best of the best holiday sweater photos from the internet. 

But how to get a book published?  Anne Marie reached out to Brian Clark Howard who had written about Anne Marie's ugly Christmas sweaters online and who had several books of his own successfully published. Brian was a fan of Anne Marie's sweaters and was a professional writer. Working together, Anne Marie and Brian were able to put together a deck to present and secure a literary agent who then pitched the book idea to publishers. Upon securing a contract with a publisher, Anne Marie and Brian developed the book layout and choose photos from Anne Marie's or Brian's stock or secured rights to use outside photos from the internet or friends. After going through the editing process, the book was published in 2012.

Anne Marie had already made media connections from interest in her successful website ( and reached out to many outlets to promote the book. The books' publisher assigned a press agent to Anne Marie and the book was promoted on major news networks. Anne Marie appeared on shows like CNN Headline News, The Today Show and Fox and Friends promote the book and showcase her over-the-top holiday sweater creations.

You can find Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater on Amazon.


Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater book on Amazon