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How to Make a (winning!) DIY Puffy Frosty Ugly Christmas Sweater


Puffy Santa and Frosty ugly Christmas sweaters with lights! Hideously ugly and funny 3D light-up sweaters and vests for men and women. If you have a crafty flair and want to create your own holiday sweater this year then here's a great idea. Here's the finished product:

how to make a diy ugly christmas sweater
Puffy Santa sweater as seen in the New York Times
We used to make and sell the Puffy Santa sweater on this website. We don't currently sell this product, but you can make one yourself if you want!  If you want to see more examples of finished projects, check out all our Puffy Santa Sweaters.
Here's what you need:
1. sweater
2. brand-new Santa toilet seat cover. Yup! That's what the decoration is from!
3. Approx 3-feet of golden garland (or other color of your choice)
4. 5+ real Christmas tree ornaments
5. yarn - you need a 6" piece for each ornament
6. faux bling accents
7. glue gun and glue sticks
8. pom poms (one for each ornament)
9. needle and thread
First step is to attach the Santa toilet seat cover to the sweater.  You should hand sew the cover to the sweater to ensure a secure attachment.
Hint: Before you sew, put a piece of newspaper inside the sweater, between the front and back. This will assist you while sewing to avoid sewing through the back and sewing the front and back of the sweater together by accident.
So, hand sew the Santa decoration to the sweater.
Cut the put hot glue around the Santa decoration at the seam where you sewed. 
Press the gold garland around the Santa decorations onto the glue. 
Hint: If you work slowly, then only glue a portion at a time, then apply the garland to the hot glue. You dont want the hot glue to cool down before you get the garland attached.
Cut the yarn into 4-6" strips and thread through the ornaments.
Using a dot of hot glue, attach the two ends of the yarn to the sweater so that the ornament will be dangling. 
Hint: place the ornaments in a pleasing pattern, like: two at the shoulders, then two a few inches down, and the 5th in the middle, thus creating a circular pattern with the ornaments.
Cover the place where the yarn is attached to the sweater with a big pom pom.  Put a dot of hot clue on the yarn where it's attached and press the pom pom on the hot glue.
Put the bling accents on the sweater where desired by dotting the back with hot glue and pressing onto the sweater.
Have fun crafting!