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How Fringe went from Ugly to Fashion Forward Fringe-tastic!

Crafty Ugly Christmas Sweaters Inspire Current Fashion with Fringe!

Ugly Christmas sweaters have sure had a wild ride! From being sought after in the 80s and worn as a fashion statement, to ridiculed in the early 2000's and only worn as ugly party costumes, to current day fashion statements once again! And the fashion industry has taken notice and borrowed of the the most iconic symbols of the 2000's ugly Christmas sweaters - the fringe!

In September 2020, Lilly Pulitzer (iconic hipster fashion) showcased a long colorful cardigan sweater with dangling retro fringe. Hmmmmm? Look familiar?  When Anne Marie Blackman started selling ugly Christmas sweaters in 2008, she sewed fringe on all kinds of garments to uglify them. Her sweaters and dresses from were loaded with fringe from old chenille bedspreads, or discarded curtains. 
Fringe has no doubt been a fashion accessory in the past. Like in the 60's on boho capes and hippy crop tops. But it left the fashion scene for decades until ugly Christmas sweaters ushered it back to social acceptability.
We think fringe is adorable.  Tacky for sure. Ugly? Sometimes. Adorably ugly.
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