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Golden Girls Christmas Sweaters with Dorothy, Sofia, Rose and Blanche

Golden Girls Christmas Sweater

If you're a fan of the Golden Girls (and who isn't?) you'll love these festive Golden Girl sweaters. Featuring Rose, Dorothy, Blanche, and Sophia, these holiday tops are fun for all fans of the show.

The Golden Girls was one of the most popular sitcoms of all time and ran seven seasons from 1985 -1992. There were 180 memorable episodes that featured four older women living together in Miami, Florida.


Rose (Bette White), Rue McClanahan (Blanche), and Sophia (Estelle Getty) played widows, and Dorothy (Bea Arthur) played a divorcee. Together, they were magic and the cast and crew won numerous awards throughout their run on television. The show is still a favorite in re-runs over 25 years later.


Looking for a Golden Girls Christmas sweater?

May all your Christmases be white. Or Bea White. Get it? Bea Arthur and Betty White. Clever! Find it on Amazon.




Fans of Sofia recall her on many episodes reminiscing about Sicily in 1922 (and a whole lot of other years).  Do you remember? Watch this classic clip of some of Sofia's Sicily stories.



As a nod to Sofia, here's some shirts with her classic line: "Picture It".



Gift ideas for fans of the Golden Girls range from namesake shot glasses, coffee cups, even a Golden Girls Monopoly game. You can find Golden girls socks, baby bibs, and a big assortment of T-shirts. Loads of stocking stuffer ideas!