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Embellish a Vintage FROSTY Sweater and Win an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

If you can think out of the box and aren't afraid to stand out in a crowd, then you should aim to win an ugly Christmas sweater contest this year.  One of our favorite customers (Jeff) shared his upcycled sweater creations with us after the holidays and his contest winning outfits were legendary.  

ugly christmas sweater contest winning frosty sweater with headpiece

Jeff contacted us several weeks before his party and was looking for a specific vintage 90s FROSTY Christmas sweater in a particular size. Lucky for him - we had several in stock. We rushed it out to him and he put his craft skills to work. He added a tutu (find on Amazon here), some garland, and dollar store sequin snowflakes.

Jeff paired his FROSTY sweater with jeans that he cuffed with fabric store fluffy trim and stacked heel gogo boots! Perfect. 

But the genius addition to his outfit was his headpiece!  Jeff wore a huge festive snowman on his head. How did he do it?  We're not sure, but think that he attached the snowman to a wig that he wore. Great idea.

We're grateful to Jeff for sharing his photo with us. And hope he doesn't mind if we use this super idea for an upcoming party.  We'll be sure to post pics!

frosty christmas sweater