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Donald Trump Christmas Sweater in High Demand

Donald Trump Christmas sweaters, tshirts, sweatshirts, and socks all top this year's must-have list for the holidays.  Trump apparel with sayings like "Make Christmas Great Again"  are timely fun and are flying off the shelves.  Fans of President-elect Trump are betting that wearing a funny Trump Christmas sweater will be a HUGE hit at ugly Christmas sweater parties this season, and they are probably right!

This Blizzard Bay Trump sweater was a popular item for the 2016 holiday season.

Find a wide selection of in-stock Trump Christmas sweatshirts and tshirts on Amazon in men's and women's sizes up to 5xl.   These shirts come in a wide assortment of colors like the traditional holiday red or green, but also loads of other choices. Choose a long or short sleeved T-shirt, a sweatshirt or hoodie.



Funny Donald Trump Christmas Sweater is a Funny Gift for this Season

Whether or not you agree with his politics, you've got to agree that The Donald makes a great theme for holiday apparel. 

Look for the Trump Christmas sweater to be on many a party goers wish list this year. It's a green, red, and ivory knit sweater with Santa Trump saying MAKE CHRISTMAS GREAT AGAIN.  Traditional nordic snowflakes have been replaced with funny dollar signs. It's fun, festive, and a sure hit this season!

Presidential Sweaters have historically been super popular!

President Obama Christmas Sweaters were Huge Hit in 2008

History has shown that an incoming president's image on a Christmas sweater will be a sought after item. Eight years ago (when then President-elect Obama had just won the 2008 election) we were the first vendor to put his image on a sweater, and to say it was popular was an understatement.  At that time, our website was being developed and we were selling on eBay. Our Festive Obama Sweater was featured on eBay's home page and was the Top Shared item on all of eBay! That meant it was shared on Facebook more than any other eBay item for a period of time. Amazing.
ebay-top-shared-logo president-obama-christmas-sweater-myuglychristmassweater-com

We continued to sell Festive Obama sweaters on our website for years after.  In 2008, we weren't sure who the customer base would be for the Obama sweaters - Democrats who were fans, or Republicans who may wear it tongue-in-cheek. Based on customer calls and feedback, we think the sweaters were overwhelmingly worn by men and women who were fans of the President.  They weren't wearing the sweater because it was ugly, but because it was tacky, and a perfect selection for a tacky holiday party.


Trump Christmas Sweaters Popular with Both Republicans and Democrats

But who is going to be wearing Trump Christmas sweaters this season? Fans or foes? Early indication is that it will be a mix, with the majority of Trump sweater owners being fans, but a fair amount of wearers will be doing so in jest. 

Presidential Candidate Sweater Sales Reflect Election Outcome

We sold Trump Christmas sweaters in 2015 and they were hysterically funny and our most popular item for the season.  At that time Mr. Trump was one of many who were running for the republican nomination, and we carried a whole line of both republican and democratic candidates sweaters.  Looking back on it, our sales numbers could have been used to accurately predict the election outcome. 

Here's some of our political sweaters from 2015:


In the democratic party, Bernie Sanders sweaters garnered the most interest. His sweaters had 10-times the interest that Hillary Clinton's sweaters did. But they didn't sell. His supporters looked but didn't buy. Interesting.  Hillary Clinton Christmas sweaters were popular, but not even close to the popularity of Donald Trump Christmas sweaters. Trump supports purchased. One might surmise that they were committed to their candidate.  

Will Trump Christmas sweaters be more popular than Obama Sweaters were?

Mr. Trump has shown himself to be much more of an entertaining character than Pres. Obama.  Based on the popularity of Trump Halloween costumes, it looks like funny Trump Christmas sweaters are going to fly off the shelves faster than if they were on Santa's sleigh.

There's a great selection of merchants selling festive Trump sweaters, tshirts, sweatshirts and even socks. You heard me right - socks! So if your holiday outfit includes a Trump sweater, consider pairing it with a skirt or shorts and rockin' some Trump socks too! See below for a selection currently available.