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Cover up with an Ugly Christmas Sweater - #justputasweateronit

Funny Ugly Christmas Sweater Pictures


We've taken a look at people (and objects) that look a lot better wearing a Christmas sweater. There's some people out there that should cover up those naughty bits and #putasweateronit. Then there's some people who we would like to see lighten up with their wardrobe and rock a festive sweater. Tis the season for Christmas sweaters, and we've put some of our favorite sweaters on some special photos.

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 #putasweateronit Joy VIlla (a.k.a. Ms. Ineverheardofyoubefore)
She wore a snow fence to the 2015 Grammy Awards, and showed us what nipple covers look like.

joy villa grammy dress

#putasweateronit Mr. President. 

president obama putasweateronit christmas sweater

#putasweateronit Your Majesty.

queen elizabeth putasweateronit


#putasweateronit Putin. Nice choice.

putin on horse putasweateronit


#putasweateronit Kim.  Now that's better.

putasweateronit kim breaktheinternet

 Hey David, #putasweateronit

michaelangelo david putasweateronit

Hey Miley, That wrecking ball looks chilly. Just #putasweateronit..

miley cyrus wrecking ball #putasweateronit