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Cat Christmas Sweaters are a Purrfectly Tacky Party Favorite

It's no surprise that the world has gone cat crazy, with Henri the French cat clocking in at about a zillion views on youtube.  It's nuts, but not unexpected. Those furry felines have stolen our hearts for thousands of years. It's just recently though that we can put a number to this insanity. CBS Morning News reports that 15% of all internet traffic is related to cats. Seriously. No, seriously. 15% of all traffic. It's more than just Henri the cat, it's the whole feline population that has stolen our hearts.  It's no wonder then that the demand for cat themed sweaters and tops  has gone though the roof. 
Here's some tacky favorites from My Ugly Christmas Sweater, Inc., the mecca for ugly Christmas sweaters.

      Kitty Cat Pyramid. Too cute to be ugly.
The fringe is just the icing on the cake on this fringe infested sweatshirt.
  And, for the crazy cat lady who has everything, there's this masterpiece. A skating cat wearing her own ugly Christmas sweater, all lit up with real working lights. Purrfect!