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Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison wear our Sledding Cat Sweater in Febreze Commercial

Sledding Cat Sweaters
Starring Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison

Are you wondering where to buy that sledding cat Christmas sweater that Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison are wearing in the Febreze commercial?  They are super fun and retro festive, and found only at My Ugly Christmas Sweater!

You know it's Christmas time when you hear those familiar holiday jingles, but none so fun as hearing Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison sing the 12 Stinks of Christmas in the #12stinks Febreze commercial.  They're awesome.  The sledding cat Christmas sweaters are awesome. And even the #12stinks of Christmas are awesome.

We're super excited to hear that Jane Lynch loves the sweaters! Here's her twitter post from December 14, 2015. Yowza. That's awesome!

jane lynch wearing cat sweater