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Throwback Thursday: Christmas Sweater Fashion Show on The View

Ugly Christmas Sweaters on ABC's The View. 

On Christmas Eve 2009, The View aired a segment on the new trend of wearing Ugly Christmas Sweaters. The show's producer contacted Anne Marie Blackman, owner of My Ugly Christmas Sweater, and asked Anne Marie to put together a fashion show with her customers, showcasing her funniest and tackiest sweaters. Anne Marie had just launched her business the year prior, and already had some signature sweaters that were featured on the show.  

The fashion show was originally scheduled to feature three of Anne Marie's clients and Jody Mulkey, a self proclaimed ugly Christmas sweater aficionado. In a last minute change, the producer asked Anne Marie to join in the fashion show and wear her fun Festive President Obama sweater.  President Obama had just been elected to his first term and his namesake sweaters were a huge hit with his supporters.

  My Ugly Christmas Sweater featured on The View

Ugly Christmas Sweaters were trending upward in 2009

In 2009, the ugly Christmas sweater trend was well established in a number of states like California, Illinois and Texas, but the idea of having and ugly Christmas sweater party was still new and just being introduced to most of the East Coast.  It was not uncommon in 2009 to talk to people in New York (where The View was taped) who had never heard of ugly Christmas sweater parties and didn't get why you would want to wear something so ridiculous. With that in mind, take a look at the tape below of what The View hosts introduced as "The Fashion Freakshow". Yes, that's what they called it!

Anne Marie remembers: "I was thrilled to get national attention for my sweaters and exposure for my business from The View. The producer and staff were fantastic to work with, and several of the hosts came back to the green room after the show to take some photos. The ugly Christmas sweater trend was new to New York at that time, and the sweaters were really ridiculous, and it's fun to watch the clip now and see the hosts reactions."

Ugly Christmas Sweater Segment on The View from Jody Mulkey on Vimeo.


Festive Fashion Freak Show on The View

Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater Dress

At the beginning of the segment, the first model to walk out was Stacey, a client of Anne Marie's. Her ugly Christmas sweater dress was a tacky purchase made for her company Christmas party and apparently the competition was pretty intense. She speaks to the hosts: "Sadly ladies, this sweater is a result of my highly, highly competitive nature. I was invited to a corporate Christmas party. They were having an ugly Christmas sweater contest and I had to bring home gold." The word is that she won that contest! Pair that ugly Christmas sweater dress with decorated booties with tassels on the sides, and you will be the envy at every ugly Christmas sweater party. 


Guest feature by Jody

Next is Jody, an ugly Christmas sweater connoisseur who hails from the sunny state of California. He featured his very detailed and tacky ugly snow man sweater, covered with garland, and a jolly big, snowman on his shoulder. He crafted this sweater himself, and said the snowman was his guest for every holiday party he attends.  "Well it's custom made, its kinda unique just like me and represents all things winter, snow, skiing and a wonderful, shiny disposition," Jody says. So if you want to be the hot topic at any holiday sweater party, take your ugly Christmas sweater, add a little snowman to the shoulder, top it off with a elf-looking Santa hat, and be the talk of the party.


Singing Elf Christmas Sweater

Heidi, who loves Christmas more than anything, models next the ugly elf Christmas sweater, a sweater with 3D flair,  with festive garlands, a wacky elf, and some very beautiful bows toward the bottom. "I love Christmas and so does my sweater," Heidi says. As she turns to face the audience, Heidi turns on her little elf friend on the front, and he starts singing Christmas carols, with his cute, little hat swaying from side to side. A sweater that that you will really be taking your next holiday party to the next level. Pair this sweater with some nice dress pants or cute holiday leggings, some great heels, and you will be the center of attention!


Festive Obama Sweater

Next up was Anne Marie, and as she walks out on the stage, the audience goes wild for her custom Festive Obama sweater. It's a fun sweater with President Obama wearing a Santa hat and his own holiday sweater. When asked if president Obama has seen this ugly patriotic, Christmas sweater, Anne Marie replies, "I don't know if he has but I'd be happy to send him one." How awesome would that be to have the president of the United States wearing one of Anne Marie's custom creations?! Dress this sweater up with a skirt or pair this sweater with jeans.

Happy Hanukkah Sweater

Of course holiday sweaters aren't limited to Christmas themes, and My Ugly Christmas Sweater sells Hanukkah sweaters too! Last but not least in the Fashion Freak Show is Mitchell, who walks out in a colorful Happy Hanukkah sweater, with its custom menorah and lots of tassels! When asked if Mitchell had some Christmas envy, he says, "Jewish guys like to enjoy Christmas parties as well." This Hanukkah sweater is great to wear to an office party or holiday celebration and makes a great gift too!

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