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Throwback Thursday: Ellen DeGeneres Ugly Christmas Sweater Fashion Show

Ugly Christmas Sweaters on The Ellen Show

December, 2012: Anne Marie Blackman, president and founder of My Ugly Christmas Sweater had her ugly Christmas sweaters featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen's talented and incredibly funny writers were the models and they did an awesome job as making Anne Marie's ridiculously over-the-top sweaters even more funny. There were three sweaters included in the tacky fashion show including a sweater that could make you the "ho ho ho of every party," an 80's glam Hanukkah dress, and a sweater decorated with a macrame Santa, who's hiding alcohol in his stocking "for some holiday cheer." 


Ugly Christmas Sweater Fashion Show

Here is the segment where Anne Marie's ugly sweaters were featured. The audience loved the sweaters! And by the way, this you-tube video already received half a million views!


The sweaters that were introduced by Ellen, were all up-cycled by Anne Marie....very impressive! Anne Marie Blackman was thrilled to have her sweater creations showcased on the show. “I was so excited to see my sweaters on The Ellen Show. I love Ellen, and loved seeing her laughing at the ridiculous designs.  Her writers did an awesome job modeling the sweaters. The segment was perfect!”  Anne Marie specializes in crafting over-the-top ridiculous sweaters and My Ugly Christmas Sweater is the place to find a winner. 

Classic Santa Sweater

The first sweater introduced was worn by writer Amy, who strutted her stuff, wearing Anne Marie's Classic Red Macrame Santa Sweater, which Ellen noted is "apparently made out of 1,000% yarn". Pair this sweater like the model did, with some black leggings and red heels and you'll be the belle of the ball. Your midriff will be warm under that big, white beard during those brutal winter temperatures. Ellen and the audience has a lot of laughs when the model pulled out a bottle of "holiday cheer" from a little stocking on the sweater.  As Amy displays in the segment, you can keep and sneak in your nips to any holiday party you attend in those cute little stockings. Now you'll really be the most popular person at the party! Very nifty! 

Naughty Sweater

Next, writer Lauren models one of Anne Marie's Naughty Sweaters, from her exclusive Naughty Sweater collection. Apparently, this naughty sweater should be seen under the mistletoe. Definitely looks that way! The bells attached to the sweater seem to ring in b-flat and will make you the ho ho ho of every party! If you really want to get attention at any Ugly Christmas Sweater party you attend, this sweater is most definitely for you. To make it look more holiday appropriate, wear some cute holiday-themed leggings or tights, like Lauren is wearing and an essential staple ladies, are those adorable red kitten heels. Both of these will show off the cute tassels at the bottom of the sweater to make you look and feel like a Rockette during their holiday performance. So ladies, if you want to show off those legs in the cold winter temperatures, then this sweater is definitely for you. 

Hanukkah Sweater

This sweater isn't strictly for Christmas people. The Hanukkah sweater, modeled by "Melissa," represents a celebration of lights and butterflies, and that is one big menorah! Apparently Ellen thought it looked better from the back but let's be real, Anne Marie makes it look better from the front. For those of you of the Jewish faith, this sweater will be perfect for you. With any woman's sweater, created by Anne Marie, pair it with bright silver or gold leggings, since Hanukkah is the festival of lights. To add some more brightness, find some cute, sparkly accessories to go along with the sweater, like nail polish, make up, etc. Also, this isn't the only non-Christmas sweater that Anne Marie makes. Be sure to check on her website for some Kwanzaa sweaters as well. 


Christina Aguilera Loves Christmas

Also featured on Ellen that day, was Grammy-award winning pop star, Christina Aguilera, who got to model the sweater that made her "the ho ho ho of every party!

During the segment with Ms. Aguilera, she and Ellen talk about how much they both love Christmas. Apparently Ms. Aguilera has not one Christmas tree in her home, but three! After talking about the trees in her home, Christina mentioned that she really LOVED that funny springy sweater, and a producer ran out from backstage and gave Christina "the naughty sweater," which, from seeing her shimmy those bells, will take them from a b-flat to octaves that sound heavenly. 

photo:The Ellen Show

Here is Christina wearing Anne Marie's Naughty Sweater. Be sure to check out these naughty sweaters!  And visit our blog often for more Throwback Thursday fun.


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