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2014 Holidays New Trend: Upside Down Christmas Trees

The Upside Down Christmas Tree

Looking for awesome Christmas party decorating ideas for your upcoming Ugly Christmas Sweater Party? Well, a new trend that has been recently circulating is the upside down Christmas tree. Sounds weird, I know, but this timeless and age-old tradition traces back centuries and how cool would it be to have your guests walk into your party and see your tree hanging upside down!

   photo credit: Deck the Holidays

The Significance of the Upside Down Christmas Tree

   In the 7th century, Christian saints used the upside down Christmas tree, in order to explain to Pagan believers the significance of the Holy Trinity. Moving forward, in the 12th century, the upside down Christmas tree made its way across to Christians in Europe who displayed them in their homes. Christians then received the notion that upside down Christmas trees were sacrilegious, so they decided to turn the tree right side up.

   But then, the revival of the upside Christmas tree became popular again in the mid 2000's. Although the trend may not have as much religious significance as it used to, it became popular again due to the non-traditionalist aspect of it. Plus, it is different and fun for those who really want to get into the Christmas spirit and maybe possibly throw an ugly Christmas party and show off that cool new tree.

How To Decorate Your Upside Down Christmas Tree

So, it is that time of year again, you have already decided to throw and Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and you want to have an upside down Christmas tree in your home, but you don't know how to decorate it. Well here is a decorating idea for you avid party-throwers during this upcoming holiday season: 

Make cute sweater decorations:

Since it is an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, think about making cute, little sweater ornaments to decorate your tree. For garland, you could use some fun, sparkly yarn to surround the tree, to make it more festive and party appropriate. Add lights, of course, since lights are an essential to Christmas Trees, and for the top of the tree, you could make a cute sweater star. 

Well, hopefully for you holiday-season people, you make your home look funky and interesting when you have an ugly Christmas sweater party this upcoming season. Make sure to surprise your guests with that awesome, upside down tree and come fully dressed to the nines in your Ugly Christmas sweater. 


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